Jim Carrey Getting Torched On Twitter From Both Sides of the Aisle

Look at this asinine Tweet.

The right is asking hypocrite Jack Dorsey to suspend Carrey’s account. But I want it intact. It’s not every day we get a lefty so friggin stupid as to portray the horror of abortion as a tool to get back at a political enemy.

The left is appalled that he did this. They don’t want a light shone on the reality of abortion.

What a giant sphincter this guy is.



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  1. …WHAT is the leftist definition of “Comedian” again? CLEARLY it means something COMPLETELY different to THEM than how Webster’s defines it…

  2. Never thought this weirdo was funny, just weird.

    Never thought he was too bright, either. He’s proven that right.

  3. Man, if Twitter got mad at me, I don’t know what I would do. Then again, I don’t use that shitbucket, so probably, nothing.

  4. Why does this Canadian care so much aboot U.S. politics?

    Must be embarrassed for his own nations government.

  5. If Carey was alive in the 40’s and Twitter existed back then, the painting he’d tweet would’ve been Schindler and the text would’ve said, “If you’re going to gas someone the time to do it would be before they outwitted Hitler.” That would’ve been funny to 1940’s Jim Carey.

  6. Thing about washed up irrelevant comic actors is their choices are limited…. overdose, suicide or act up in public.

    The more Jim realizes how pathetic he truly is the more he acts out. He knows his choices are very limited.

  7. he only wants to kill, Kill, KILL, KILL, KILL!!!

    his caricatures always look like nightmares. Makes me think he will be doing a Robin Williams shortly.

  8. from further down this goofballs twitter page…

    This morning I woke up feeling like a kid again, filled with joy and mischief, like the day ahead was pregnant with infinite potential – like I had found the end of the rainbow and the pot of gold WAS ME!!! What a goof, huh? You were someone’s pot of gold. Happy Mothers Day!

    “pregnant with potential”

  9. Yes I agree, he’s just like Robin Williams,
    just this side of psycho.
    Both are/were like NOKO rocket tests, Robin crashed and burned and Jim is on a downward trajectory.
    sweasel.com has a death pool, everyone here should enter Jim, The winner wins a spotted dick!

    How apropos!

  10. The headline said “torched” so naturally my expectations were for something other than a twitter tongue lashing.

  11. Why just today at work I thought to myself how FUCKED. UP. Jim Carrey turned out to be.

  12. Please dwell on the thought of how many really FUNNY comedians have been aborted since the 1970s, all the laughing that we’ve NOT done and we’ve had to put up with Jim too. In truth, Sad beyond our wildest thoughts.

  13. @Aaron Burr; No, no, no you don’t get to blame this guy on Canada (to be fair we are embarrassed about what he’s turned into). He went down to that cesspool called Hollywood shortly out of High School when he was a funny kid with an uncanny ability to contort his face into different people. He appeared on Johnny Carson and the Comedy Clubs and made some pretty funny movies. Along the way Hollyweird and all the hangers on started changing this guy into an asshole who believed he was as good and smart as people kept telling him he was. His journey to douchedom had begun and it was all Hollywood, well maybe all the drugs, alcohol, sex, money and fawners helped with the journey.


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