Jingle Bells is Racist Says “Professor”

Carol “Sane” Swain reacts to this idiocy and explains why this sort of thing is happening on campus.

ht/ billy fuster

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    🌟 If you have to get into a playground, “No, YOU’RE racist!” fight with these people, then do it.

    🌟 Call them “insensitive.”

    🌟 Call them “Non-diverse.”

    🌟 Call them “anti-multicultural.”

    It’s a two-way street. They want diversity and culture, then ALL is included.
    🌟Alinsky: Make them live by their own rules.

  2. By the way.
    The post is a little misleading in that Carol Swain is black.
    The dopey professor is white.
    And THAT is why I am not a white supremacist, because too many white people suck fresh asshole.

  3. I agree, it’s racist. Heck, if I’m a racist just by existing as a cracker, I’ll take everything down with me. Let’s torch this place.

  4. I could see it if it were Jingle Balls, but hells bells what’s wrong with some jingles? Only a black person would call anything racists. I find people like her full of hatred for themselves.

  5. The black lady Professor, who I might add here is probably the highest paid category there is, more that rocket surgeons, said “…ideas, the more extreme the better.”
    Wow, somewhere there is an academic waiting in the wings, extreme enough to say:”Not all white men are bad.”.

  6. Excuse me so called “Professor” self-white-hating regressive liberal, you speak of ….”racist origins have been subtly and systematically removed from its history”.

    You do know that you are also speaking about the Democrat Party right. The party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow, the party of Segregation, the party of the KKK. Demorats such as yourself having been subtly and systematically removing these facts from your own partys history.

    Thy true name is Hypocrite! Now suck it.

  7. When real racism does show up, no one will notice.
    When real white supremacists emerge, no one will care.
    When real victims of sexual harassment come forth, no one will believe them

    All resulting from the Left’s destruction of language, meaning, and definitions, and the politicization of every thing.

  8. The good news is that Self Loathing White Leftists are not reproducing.

    Like Muzzie suicide bombers, Leftists’ own beliefs tend to remove them from the chessboard.

    Cut off all Federal DoEd funding to race and gender programs in this crap will stop overnight

  9. Oh, the crushing despair of being part of the patriarchal hegemonic oligarchy….

    In other words, if I may be of assistance, perfesser, you don’t like white people very much. Because racism and stuff.

  10. There is still some confusion about this post.
    The good guy is the black lady, Carol Swain.
    The idiot evil Marxist shitstain is the white professor.

  11. Carol Swain is right about the left; they just keep stirring the pot of racial hatred. Like picking a scab so the wound never heals and becomes a festering infected mess.

  12. Surprised how many comment here without reading the post, watch the video.

    Looking at pictures is easy, reading is hard? It’s not like the thing is written in cursive..


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