Joe Biden Asks Audience to Imagine ‘if, God Forbid, Barack Obama Had Been Assassinated’

Oh. My. Lanta. Jill! Come and get your old man. He’s licking windows again.

23 Comments on Joe Biden Asks Audience to Imagine ‘if, God Forbid, Barack Obama Had Been Assassinated’

  1. Let me imagine.

    Before the body would be buried, Democrats will have already submitted bills to ban all firearms, rename every kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school and college to be Barack Hussein Obama. All main city thoroughfares would be B. H. Obama Boulevard to intersect at MLK and Rosa Parks at the Tolerance Square.

    And if you vote against it, you’re a Nazi who might as well have pulled the trigger yourself.

    What do I win?

  2. If the MSDM had been doing its job, the Black Messiah would never have gotten elected Senator from Illinois, much less been allowed to Fundamentally Transform this country for eight years. Nevertheless, Our Joey sure knows how to get some people thinking about what might have been if only someone had used their imagination.

  3. Ouch, my head hurts even attempting to try and determine what he is trying to imply.
    Is he asking the left to stop suggesting President Trump be assassinate him? Or is he trying to say that the right was attempting to kill President Obama? Or am I completely missing the point?
    My guess is the third option because I just don’t get it

  4. Please ignore the grammatical errors of my post. I am not sure where my head is at. It has been a long week, but the ideas still hold

  5. Oh Joey. So sad. Don’t you realize that you were obama’s VP as a guarantee that Obama wouldn’t be assassinated? Because nobody wants you to EVER be president. That’s as close as you’ll ever get.

  6. Joe Biden. Making Obama look worse than Trump ever will on a daily basis. The Dems won’t force him out because of the mythical polls that claim he can beat Trump. So, will they stay on the doomed Gafftanic or abandon ship? Either way, they lose.

  7. …we would have got the inevitable Civil War over with by now, and we’d have ACTUAL history books showing your postwar hanging for treason, among others…many, many others…

  8. …don’t worry about Joe, he’s just a distraction until the floor nomination and 100% acclaimation of “Michelle” Obama at the convention…

  9. Joe. in case you missed it, you were the insurance policy against assassination.

    No one wanted you to be President for any reason at all. Then or now!

  10. If obama was assassinated, the ass would finally be back in assassinate. And the nation would have been spared a generation of new racial hatred, sickos wearing women’s clothing would not be lecturing in our schools, our economy would be years ahead, nasa would not have been a muslim outreach organization, iran would not be near to having atomic weapons, and that beast michelle would not have spent millions of our money on vacations. Sure, biden would have been president, but he would not have been nearly as destructive.

  11. And the irs, fbi and cia would not have been corrupted. And hillary clinton would not have been allowed to sell secrets to foreign powers.

  12. Joe does sarcasm!
    Do you seriously doubt Joe doesn’t know he was Obama’s insurance against assassination?
    One deadbeat away from the presidency…

  13. That was Crazy Joe’s only hope of ever becoming president! Surprised he didn’t hire the Clinton Crime syndicate to do it for him!

  14. Sure Joe. You would have become President. I bet a tingle went up your leg just thinking about it, and I expect you spent a lot of time thinking about it.

    Envisioning it too. Seeing yourself on top of a building across the street from the WH, with a cheap Italian rifle. “Heh, one squeeze of the right index finger, one well-placed shot, a quick getaway down to Maryland, cross the Chesapeake, and I’m home free in Delaware. Sic Temper Tyranus!”

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