Joe Biden Flat Out Lies About bin Laden Raid – IOTW Report

Joe Biden Flat Out Lies About bin Laden Raid

Politico 2015-

Biden’s ‘no’ on bin Laden raid could haunt him in 2016

10 Comments on Joe Biden Flat Out Lies About bin Laden Raid

  1. Pedo Joey lies? You don’t say…Truth over facts, no joke, I’m serious I didn’t tell the Magic Negro to not go.

    Truth is a fungible commodity for a communist, all lies are in service to an immoral end. No lie is to brazen for Joey.

    Unfortunately for the commies tech works both ways now and the interweb is forever, people are finally waking up to the actual truth.

  2. “the interweb is forever”

    I highly doubt it
    it will be censored sooner than later

    sorass has them all in his pocket

  3. Jackass Joe wouldn’t know the Truth if it bit him in the ass, but in the same breath I’ll also say I don’t think he’s smart enough to be a communist! He just spouts off with whatever he thinks people want to hear at the moment or something he thinks is funny. Always a day late and a dollar short (although he is made up for the money thing by using his kids) he’s never been the sharpest knife in the drawer and now at his age should be in an assisted living home!

  4. You don’t, seriously, believe that the gay, half-black, Kenyan, moslem messiah ever axed my opinion, do you?

  5. Joe Biden is simply one great example of what happens when you spend your entire adult life in D.C. Nothing unusual or special about Joe. If you look at that cohort you see the same stupidity/ignorance/arrogance across the board. They refuse to believe in a people outside their bubble. As far as anyone can tell, the only people they know outside their insular turf are pollsters, political operatives and well-vetted Town Halls. They have their own transportation to and from wherever they come and go, they have their own dining rooms, their own paid staff, and their own security guards. Remind us of anyone? Yeah, Hollywood A-listers. And they know just about as much and they never miss an opportunity to stand in front of mics and cameras, letting us all know how little that is.


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