Joe Biden Gets Florida and Alabama Confused

Gateway Pundit; 2020 Democrat front runner Joe Biden, 77, got a state wrong AGAIN!

This is an ongoing problem with Joe Biden.

He has no clue where he is and always gets states confused.

Biden got Florida and Alabama confused during an appearance on MSNBC while talking to Joe Scarborough.

Joe Scarborough used to be a representative in Florida, not Alabama.

If President Trump was this confused all the time, the media would never stop talking about it, but Biden always gets a pass.


15 Comments on Joe Biden Gets Florida and Alabama Confused

  1. Is there any demonrat political “leader” under the age of 70?

    What kind of slave ownership are they under to still be out there pushing the massahs plow in the final days of their lives?

  2. Other Joe probably also didn’t know who he was supposed to be representing.

    Actually, I used to like Joe S when he played a republican on television.

  3. He would remember if they put a young girl in a T-shirt with the name of the state he is in stenciled on it.

    It is still not as bad a Trudeau (much younger) who addressed the Japanese Prime minister as Chinese twice in front of the world press corp.


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