Joe Biden has become the ‘trafficker-in-chief’

Did we expect anything better from a child-sniffer?


Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) joined Todd Starnes on Todd Starnes on Wednesday to discuss the horrors she witnessed at the Biden open southern border.

Cammack told Todd Starnes she saw “first-hand” young girls who had been gang-raped by human smugglers at the border.

Kat Cammack also joined FOX Business on Wednesday.

She said spoke with one girl, “I spoke with a girl who came here from Guatemala and it took her 17 days to get here. And she was having trouble communicating, her voice was so hoarse. I asked the agent why and it was because she had lost her voice screaming because she had been gang-raped.”

Here’s the FBN interview.

6 Comments on Joe Biden has become the ‘trafficker-in-chief’

  1. If they are raping and getting raped south of Texas… it’s not our problem. DON’T LET THEM IN!

  2. He’s not a child sniffer, he’s a pedophile child rapist.

    And I’m out.

    If I keep going, it will get too honest and I will end up in jail.

    God Damn them.

  3. IF, and it’s a big IF, the democrats, Pelosi, Biden and the media were really concerned like they claim to be, they’d be putting out flyers all over South America telling girls and women to expect being raped.

  4. Of course he we are stuck right in the middle of this shit in El Paso County TX and the horse’s ass demoncrap sheriff Richard Wiles signature is noticably not on the list of true patriots that give a shit about this country. He’s a disgrace.


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