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Joe Biden Heard There Would Be Ice Cream…

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  1. This guy really makes my skin crawl every time he makes an appearance to recite another one of his lies…”You think I’m kidding?…….WATCH ME!!!!”.

    YUP! And, how can we NOT watch a mentally unstable mad man who is deliberately, as well as, mindlessly without any coherent or understandable, scientifically-backed Reason, destroying our Country minute by minute, day by day via “Executive Order”!

    And, he is yet another shining example in the failure of the 1963, “Community Mental Health Act”.

  2. excerpt from previous post:

    “You can’t sugarcoat the absolute failure of the Biden administration, From energy, inflation, interest rates, Afghanistan surrender, foreign relations, National Security, corruption, incompetence, weaponization of federal agencies, selling/depleting the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Ukraine To treason.”

    “I’ve seen enough, Not one person in the Biden socialist administration is held responsible for attempting to destroy our Nation. Not one person is accountable for what they’ve done and continue to do.”

    I guess I’ll follow Biden’s method, “I’ll forgetaboutit” and have some chocolate chip ice cream.
    Biden will have the Easter Bunny lead me around the easter egg hunt to keep me from sniffing little girl’s hair.
    Clown world redux, it’s like ground hog day, after day, after day.

  3. Watching that clip in it’s entirety, makes me think the word embarrassment is too polite a description. I think EVERY Biden voter needs to watch that and after be asked if they think he is the BIG F@!KING DEAL they claim he is.

  4. Uncle Al: Thanks for that tip!

    The craiyon site is somewhat reassuring that AI (at least this free version) is not quite ready to replace genuine human talent. I requested a few drawings and the results resembled the efforts of drunk interns with clip art on a deadline. It was mildly amusing but mostly just bad and the faces are truly disturbing.


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