Joe Biden says his proposed child tax credit would put ‘720 million women back in the workforce’

Jill. I told you to come get your old man!


Joe Biden spoke at the AFL-CIO 2020 Workers Presidential Candidate Summit and he was true to form.

The former vice president wants to give an $8000 tax credit to everyone who has childcare costs (undoubtedly he includes people here illegally).  He claims, “…it would put 720 million women back in the workforce.” That’s a miracle since we only have 325 million people living in the U.S. more

24 Comments on Joe Biden says his proposed child tax credit would put ‘720 million women back in the workforce’

  1. Gotta keep the government as the parental influencer of children, not the actual parents.

    It’s all about division in one form or another.

  2. Seems to me that a hefty tax credit would enable working moms to quit their jobs and become at-home mothers for their children – the exact OPPOSITE of what Joey’s saying as he panders to the union capos.

    edit/p.s. – OK, some working DADS might go home, but mostly it would be the moms.

  3. Jeez, my wife and I were lucky I made enough money to keep her out of the work force to stay home and raise our three kids. I think Corn Pop Fucked this guy up.

  4. Is it “fulfillable promise season” already?

    and why didn’t Hillary and Creepy Joe get all their political dreams done while they were IN the White House for all those years?

  5. Even of you count every Democrat Male as a woman which they are the common core math doesn’t add up. Corn Pop obviously landed several hard blows to Joe.

  6. Creepy Uncle Joe (and Bill Clinton) want to spend their downtime helping create those 720 million women, but to do that you have to take “Little Joe”, not swallow a little Joe.

  7. If they can bribe American mothers (with tax dollars) to leave hearth and home and enter into the work force then the Democrats can import a like number of foreign women, to take care of their children for them! they then can claim that they doubled the number of women working!


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