Gary Larson’s THE FAR SIDE Cartoon Coming Back???

My favorite Larson panel – bfh

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Gary Larson said goodbye to fans and the absurdist universe of The Far Side with his final comic on January 1, 1995, and since then the real world has done everything it can to live up to the inanity of his iconic comic strip. Unfortunately, the foolishness of 2019 isn’t nearly as enjoyable as sentient chickens and oversized suburban bugs. Now, the 21st century might be getting both of those creatures—along with aliens, cavemen, clever cows, and women with beehive hairdos—because for the first time in almost two decades, the cartoon’s official webpage has been updated. And unless this joke is on all of us, The Far Side will soon be returning.

After sitting dormant since 1999, The Far Side‘s webpage was updated suddenly and without warning (which we first learned about at The Daily Cartoonist). It features a new cartoon of an explorer using a blowtorch to melt some of the strip’s most iconic characters from a large block of ice. Below it reads, “Uncommon, unreal, and (soon-to-be) unfrozen. A new online era of The Far Side is coming!” Since the cartoon itself is signed by Larson, it certainly appears he will be returning with all new comics for the first time in almost 25 years.

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  1. This is very good news! Larson’s senses of humor, whimsy, and the ridiculous and my own are, if not identical, at least singing in the same key.

    Now, if only Bill Watterson would put some ink in his pen…

  2. My favorite of all time: When a moron is laying on the couch, speaking to the psychiatrist, on the notepad the Dr puts down, “Just plain nuts.”

  3. I endorse this with two thumbs up. Calvin and Hobbes coming back would cause me to buy a bottle of champagne! That guy that did Bloom County and Outland would be good to see as well. Are they all libs?

  4. I gave Geoff C. the ginormous double volume table edition of Larson’s whole (color) collection for Christmas one year. It’s so fun to page through it.

  5. My two favorites involve giant heads: “I’m going to summon the floating head of death” and “Palmer stepped out of the jungle, and into headhunter folklore forever.”

    And my dog’s favorite is “ha ha, I’m going to get tutored!”

  6. I miss those daily tear away daily calendars, you’d see at the end of the year, at Barnes and Nobles for a Christmas present for (insert friend or family member here) for years…not much fun humor to choose from anymore with those little calendars, would love to see a come back.

  7. Dear Mr Watterson? I haven’t seen it. Good ol’ mrs6pak gave me the full, everything included, Calvin and Hobbes limited edition book. My kids and grandkids have enjoyed the heck out of it. Those are great!

  8. I looked at the image…and laughed out loud!

    I am wondering though if Larson is reading to much Thomas Wictor! It does kinda look like him? With his blow torch.

    We miss ya Gary, we have fallen on unfunny times.

    For all you’s ar-tists what media or medium would you like to see this revival in??

    No more old newspapers obviously. Or wait?

  9. I still read Calvin and Hobbes and Get Fuzzy, which are repeats. So funny though. I read Bloom County, Berke’s TDS has abated a little although that of his fans hasn’t. Still, his art is beautiful and so original. I also read Non Sequitur, which usually generalizes but he definitely has a TDS side. I’ll bookmark Far Side and see what happens.

  10. my favorite: shows a guy after all these years finally gets his work desk cleaned up and in order. He’s looking proud, then you see the grim reaper looking around the corner at him

  11. Was it the wit or the simple artwork that made it so brilliant? Okay, never mind, both.

    Makes me wish I saved those little funny things.

  12. Dilbert has some good stuff too. But the artwork isn’t the same. I still like him though. Those guys are all really creative, you gotta love them! Remember back in the old days, the Sunday paper would get delivered and the colored comics would be fought over?

  13. @illustr8r, Berkeley Breathed went to UT Austin at the same time I was there. He had a strip in the Daily Texan (student newspaper) called “Academia Waltz”. It was so funny, and it was in that strip the character of Steve Dallas was introduced. I haven’t seen any of his newer stuff.

  14. joe6pak, Dad (and the whole family) loved Calvin and Hobbes. Us kids got Dad the C&H books for Christmas and we all loved to leaf through them.

    When Dad got dementia and had to go into the nursing home, those were the only books he was interested in. The nurses would tell us that, at times, they would hear him laughing late in the night and when they checked on him, he was looking at the books.

  15. Maybe it’s been long enough Gary Larson has reached the same state as Berkley Breathed when he brought back Bloom County after 25 year absence, and commented:

    “Newspapers need deadlines, alas. Like my departed friend Douglas Adams used to say, the only part of deadlines I enjoyed was the whooshing sound as they sped by.”

  16. Claudia,
    Calvin and Hobbs
    Complete Collection
    Christmas Set,bx,1990-91
    4 or 5 Vols

    Lost them over time however I have them in my memories.
    And their digitized, too.
    Just in case.

    Love Ya

  17. Big big fan I have his complete massive two volume collection. It will be interesting to see how/if time has changed Gary. Welcome back!

  18. Gary Larson is a Wash. State University graduate. There used to be an espresso stand in Uniontown, Wash. called The Cow and Bean. Uniontown is South of Pullman, Wa. And if Calvin and Hobbes also (please) comes back Calvin will have married Susie and have their own little Calvin (it’s called payback) and Moe the schoolyard bully will still be picking on him and Hobbes will still be his best friend. And who knows maybe Calvin really grows up to be Spaceman Spiff. I read C&H daily at Go along with Red and Rover and Pearls Before Swine.

  19. When I had a kidney cut out I sent the suggestion to Scott Adams to have Wally get time off work by having unnecessary organs removed. He took it and changed it to having his Coccyx removed. Broke the coffee mug with the panels on it unfortunately.

  20. A big part of Far Side’s appeal in the beginning was minimal or zero captioning, requiring the observer to think for the point. The subtlety was part of the humor and the epiphany was part of the pleasure.

    Later, Gary apparently felt he had to explain the cartoon to the imbeciles. Toward the end, some captions were almost paragraphs, highly insulting, and doused any chance of wit. Plus, many of the later cartoons looked like cynical do-overs of earlier ones.

    It’s as if Gary just burned out. It’s not easy at all to think of something original and compelling every day, 7 days a week, 50 – 52 weeks a year, especially while hamstrung to explain one’s work to morons.

    If he does come back, hopefully he’ll be free to be 100% Gary and at his own pace. Ignore the simpletons. There are plenty of low IQ cartoons, like Garfield, to suit them.

  21. The scary thing about my affinity for Larson’s gems is that every single one of you who posted a caption, I immediately saw the picture in my head… No having to stop and think about it. Methinks I read those collections waaaaaay too much…
    But, how could I not?

  22. JB,
    Nothing kills the joke quicker than an over-explained delivery. Let us figure it out and those who do not, well, too bad, they miss the joke. Well said.


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