Joe Biden Signs a Blatantly Illegal Executive Order to Fund Abortion – IOTW Report

Joe Biden Signs a Blatantly Illegal Executive Order to Fund Abortion

American Thinker

By Andrea Widburg

On Wednesday, Joe Biden signed an executive order that would see Medicaid pay for women to cross state lines to get abortions.  While the money ostensibly funds travel, the fact that money is fungible and funnels directly to abortion should mean that this executive order is stricken for violating the Hyde Amendment.  In today’s political environment, though, it’s hard to imagine anyone with power and legal standing making the point that the order must be stricken.

The Hyde Amendment is very simple.  It says that federal money — which really means taxpayer money — cannot be used to fund abortions.  Of course, the Hyde Amendment is violated just about every day in America and has been for decades because of the billions of taxpayer dollars sent to Planned Parenthood via Title X grants and Medicaid reimbursements:

Requested by pro-life members of Congress to expose how pervasive its taxpayer funding is, the [2021] GAO report indicates pro-abortion groups Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), Marie Stopes International (MSI) and International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) received a massive amount of American tax dollars.

In total, the pro-abortion groups received $1.8 billion in taxpayer dollars over the three-year period [from 2016 to 2018].

The reality is that money is fungible.  Planned Parenthood and other organizations are not carefully putting the money in a jar to be spent only on pap smears or janitorial services.  Instead, in just one three-year period, they received $1.8 billion in taxpayer money that helped fund them as a general matter. more here

20 Comments on Joe Biden Signs a Blatantly Illegal Executive Order to Fund Abortion

  1. More laundering for the profit of the corrupt politicians.

    We have our funds taken for the use of grifters and have ZERO financial accountability.

    The IRS STILL has not issued refunds for taxes this year. They are too busy being weaponized against we peons.

    Where are the audits for every congressional member? Where are the audits for every Fed department?

    Money spent from taxpayer funds has always been pocketed by the corrupt. I always wondered what happened to the huge amount of funds ‘missing’ from the various departments of the obamination cabal? The State Department was one, under guess who!

  2. Every ‘executive’ order signed by the mummy president is only a go to the bank quickly check for the grifters.

  3. Just another piece of paper Biden signed that he doesn’t know what he signed. He probably thought it was just another order for ice cream cones.

  4. Calling Gov DeSantis….Gov DeSantis, cleanup on aisle 1600.

    If only there was a method for removing an illegally seated, corrupt, decrepit President. Something that starts with the letter “I”…..

  5. As GWB said many times, “Laws are for little people!”! Presidents are not “little people”!
    Does anyone think Mitch’s guy Garland will arrest him?!@#?!$%^&*?!

  6. Blatantly Illegal

    That’s both a band name and the chapter title for this administration in the history books.

  7. Why would a pedophilic usurping Traitor GAF about blatant illegality?
    Kind of silly to expect a world-renowned criminal to care about the law.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Biden and the rest of the fake installed administration are nothing but dummies as is needed when you staff the place with puppets.
    We also have RINO leftist Susan Collins sponsoring a bill to make abortion legal in federal law. That’s blatantly unconstitutional and illegal per the latest SCOTUS ruling.
    I emailed her reminding her of that fact. Like she cares.

  9. I still contend that if facilitating an illegal action by providing transportation is OK for abortionists now, then getaway drivers should be exempt from punishment for bank robbery.

  10. I wouldn’t want to be joey after he croaks and has to explain to God why he supported and condoned the murder of a lot of God’s innocent children. God will not be mocked; you will be joey as a useless buffoon who kept on supporting abortion most of your life even though once upon a time you knew it was murder when you were younger.

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  12. @Tony R August 5, 2022 at 1:07 am

    “The Rule of Law is dead in America.”

    The Rule of Law was aborted in The United States.

  13. Why can a state that allows abortion be able to charge a negligent person with two counts of manslaughter when a pregnant woman is killed in an auto accident? If the woman can decide what a life is, can she kill her husband for acting like an animal?


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