Joe Biden still has trouble answering the most basic of questions

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In the friendliest, most relaxed, most expansive interview imaginable, with Telemundo’s José Díaz-Balart, Biden tried to brush off the uncomfortable issue of the Obama administration’s deportations of illegal aliens, not by saying he rejected it, but by trying to change the topic.

Here’s the Mediaite transcript:

“The Obama-Biden legacy includes more than 3 million people deported in years that you were in power, and some of the structures that were created during — they have really been the ones that President Trump built upon to have his zero tolerance, family separation policy,”  Díaz-Balart noted. “Should you be apologizing for anything?”

“I think what we should be doing is acknowledging that comparing what President Obama did and what Trump did — it’s night and day,” Biden responded.

Díaz-Balart pressed him, saying “the numbers are there.”

“No, no, no, no … that was what the law was at the time,” Biden said, shifting blame to Republicans and noting that Obama enacted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and stressed he would pass it into law and not just make it an executive action.

“Do you have anything to apologize for,” Díaz-Balart asked again. “Did you speak up for the immigrant community in those eight years?”

Yes I did speak up for the immigrant community, but I’m not going to get into anything I had difference with the president on,” Biden said, though again defended deportations as “the law at the time.”

Deportations are a big deal for this crowd, the Latino left, which hardly encompasses the entire Latino voting bloc.  But for Joe, he wants at least the leftist part of that bloc.  You’d think that for a voting bloc that big and coveted by Democrats, he would have his answer down pat, either through saying he disagreed with the Obama decision to deport or else defending the Obama record.  Instead, he tried to change the topic to DACA and pretty much said he was only following Obama orders on the deportations, giving the Telemundo leftie interviewer no answer at all. read more

11 Comments on Joe Biden still has trouble answering the most basic of questions

  1. If He were smart…..He would have said “The 0webama Administration

    counted Arrests as Deportations…They weren’t really Deported”

    Then grinned like an idiot.

  2. I don’t know why he won’t throw Barky under the bus. Barky has done nothing for him, and will never do anything more than say, “You have to vote for whichever clown wins the primary.”

    Take this chain, Joe. Go deal with Cornhole Pop. If you can’t do that, don’t come back.

  3. Joe’s got no good options.

    Supporting “The Rule of Law” deportation of illegals, will cost him the current illegals’ votes.

    Hoping the current illegals will vote for him, if he “explains” the deportation of illegals, when he was in the chain of command, as “Just following orders,” won’t get him their votes. And it will turn all the “Not racist. Not Me!” who voted for his commander, twice, because of his skin color, against him.

    Best to “Nothing to see, here. Move along.”, like he doesn’t even speak English.

  4. Biden is also now claiming that nobody “warned” him about Hunter because Beau was fatally ill. You have to admit, Biden’s handlers come up with some pretty good fables for Joe to repeat.

  5. No … see … … you kan say what you think you like about it but its jus the opposite of what it looks alike it is ……. at.
    The law was at that time a collection of words and ideas and stuff and you’ve gots to look at what Trump’s doin cuz that’s the really bad stuff, and all, becuz ist’s got nuthin to do with nuthing but somethin else.

    And man … y’know …….. that we just gotta stop him!

  6. My response to Dissa-Balsack: I want to deport every last lettuce-picking drunk cartelista one of you grifting pieces of shit, including the Biden family, PUTO!


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