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Joe Biden’s Blarney Fails Him in Ireland

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Hunter Biden had to explain a child’s question to his father, President Joe Biden, during the president’s trip to Ireland Wednesday, shocking social media users. The apparent confusion came after the elder Biden struggled to answer the child’s question about success. More

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  1. “Oh, what’s the key to success? You know what I found out is the key to success is?

    If he was truthful the answer would be: Lying, cheating, stealing, plagiarizing and being a disingenuous, two-faced piece of shit… but the stupid sonovabitch has never been honest about anything!!

  2. “Oh, success! That’s when you steal from taxpayers via fake wars, get a corrupt politician in another country to wash it and pad your offshore accounts. Put another way, success is becoming rich beyond your wildest imagination on a senator’s salary.”

    But that would take telling the truth, Joe’s not capable of that.

  3. Anymouse at 5:58 PM

    Understood and no hairs split. It’s the wee island that’s split…

    I married in to a clan in Norn Iron and that’s how they pronounce feckin’ in the north –which my Amercan mother doesn’t recognize as cussing because the accent is so cute . (I can’t actually post here the sh!te my hubby and his brother talk back home… It’s terribly rude in a cute accent –but devastatingly true.)

  4. @EdgarA and @VinceM.

    And you won the presidency how many times? You’re none and done.

    Inflation was 2%
    Now it’s over 5%.
    Gas was under $2
    Now it’s $3.59 +

    You are petty and pathetic little men.


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