Joe Biden’s long goodbye

American Thinker:

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is dead, but he doesn’t realize it yet.  His growing list of incidents of mental lapses demonstrate that he is well past his sell-by date.  Yesterday, his wife Jill delivered what ought to be the deathblow.

Mrs. Biden, constantly identified by the MSM as “Dr. Jill Biden” owing to her doctorate in education (a far cry from the implied medical degree), inadvertently acknowledged the problems that trouble all who are paying close attention.  Watch this cringe-worthy appeal for support that she delivered yesterday in New Hampshire:

Dr. Jill Biden urges voters to consider her husband’s electability, saying: “your candidate might be better on, I don’t know, healthcare than Joe is, but you’ve got to look at who’s going to win this election.”

The argument that you may have to “swallow a bit” to support him must be the weakest spousal endorsement in presidential campaign history.  What’s next?  “He’s not that addled”? Watch

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  1. Halfway funny Doctor story… I was in high school for 4 years, and Mr Idon’tremeberhisname achieved his Doctorate between my third and fourth years. There was a BEEG ANNOUNCEMENT that Mr Idon’trememberhisname was no longer to be called Mr Idon’trememberhisname — he was to be called Dr Idon’trememberhisname.

    Of course, after three years of calling him Mr Idon’trememberhisname I called him Mr Idon’tremberhisname. He fucking went spare. I saw his face and remembered he was Dr, now. I apologized and he relented from his furious anger.

    He put children in detention, by the dozens, for not calling him Doctor Idon’trememberhisname.

    Dude was a cunt. Hey, you have a Doctorate, I have NO problem saying it. You earned it. But damn.

  2. Dr Roach had a mustache. Just a regular mustache, but gone white on the east-west ends. It was dark brown just under his nose. So he got thousands of Nazi salutes. I can’t imagine how much he hated teenagers. I frankly pity the man, now. He was hate incarnate. He’d bluster and throw his hands around like they were weapons. And he wore string ties once in a while. Look, if you have the balls to wear a string tie — you should have the balls to wear a string tie every day.

  3. Darn! Like the rest of you, I was SO looking forward to the debates. It was going to be fun detecting where the earpiece and the wire were hidden. I bet you donuts that Creepy Uncle Joe would start talking into the mike, “Hey, slow down! I can’t understand what you’re saying.” I’d love to hear him answer the current question with perfect syntax — but the to a different question. LOL!

  4. Democrats know better than to let Joe expose himself on live TV. They’re going to hire Maxwell Smart as his double.

  5. Watching ‘doctor’ Jill pretty much proves colleges will give Ed. Ph.Ds to anyone with a pulse. She’s as bad as Pelosi.

  6. Love and marriage, love and marriage
    Doctor Jill has just disparaged
    Joe, I tell you, brother
    You’re just as bad as all the others

  7. next week Joe will have his ear to ear grin and will be heard saying how he is working hard to get his wife’s full endorsement and should have it about the same time that Obama is ready to endorse him.

  8. ? Did she teach Camel Toe 30 years ago; or did Camel Toe teach her?

    Givin head seems to be the way to get ahead in that party.

  9. I can see Joe on stage at the debates. When one of the moderators asks him a question he begins tearing up. “Mr Biden are you OK?”
    In a trembling voice he replies “I just pooped”

  10. I wish BFH still had The Obamas feature up. I’d link the episode where Joe got an electric jolt that brought him to his senses.


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