Report: Universal background checks off the table

WaEx: President Trump reportedly told NRA chief Wayne LaPierre that he no longer supported additional background check legislation.

The comments, which were reported by the Atlantic on Tuesdayprovide a stark contrast from statements the president made in the aftermath of two mass shootings that left over 30 people dead in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

“He was cementing his stance that we already have background checks and that he’s not waffling on this anymore,” a person familiar with Trump and LaPierre’s conversation said. “He doesn’t want to pursue it.” Trump also said that he wanted to “increase funding” for mental healthcare. more here

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  1. As much as I admire and support PDT, if Tom Fitton was to run against him it would be a tough choice. If it wasn’t for Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch we would be nowhere as far as uncovering the corruption of the obama administration is concerned. I believe this nation sinks or swims on whether or not we drain the swamp. Maybe the best option is “TRUMP 2020” followed by “TOM FITTON / CANDACE OWENS 2024”

  2. Well! Good!
    Now how does President Trump feel about “Red Flag” laws?
    As for Wayne LaPierre, he and the NRA never met a gun control law they couldn’t compromise over (to the loss of the lawful gun owner)

  3. Off subject, but I just caught on: Red Flag Laws are straight out of MINORITY REPORT!!

    I swear so many leftist make movies that are blueprints of their vision of hamstrung America. It’s creepy.

  4. Here’s a perfect example of why red flag laws should be done away with altogether. A Florida man had his guns taken because he had the same name as a wanted criminal. Government agents know for an absolute fact that this man is not the criminal they are looking for, but forced him to give up his 2nd amendment rights anyway. Government is too incompetent, dishonest and corrupt to be trusted with such authority…. even if it weren’t entirely unconstitutional.

  5. I thought they were the case anyway. I never ever bought a gun without a background check. Even at a gun-show, those lying motherfuckers.

    Even shotguns from Wallyworld were fucking Federal forms. State forms, but Federal at the root.

  6. “Are you a habitual drunkard, do you smoke dope? Have you ever beat your wife or done some bad shit with livestock?”

    “No, no, no, no, no….”

    Like a fucking Jury form. “Have you ever been a dickhead?”

    “I spent my life being a dickhead.”

  7. Given the corruption that has taken over the FBI and Progressive law enforcement for the (at least) past decade, how can any of us know what the truth is behind any of the mass shootings they’ve investigated in that time? How many times have we heard of conclusions in the past that just didn’t make any sense in light of eye witness accounts? The Left wants to use every mass incident as a weapon against the 2A, who’s to say they aren’t causing all of them in the first place? They could, you know.

  8. At the rally in NH he backed right off red flag laws. He pivoted to the real solution. He wants to have high quality mental health facilities. Build new mental health hospitals.

  9. I wish Prez Trump had told LaPierre to GTFO of the NRA along with the rest of it’s corrupt Board and get Ollie North back in there.

    I quit NRA because of LaPierre’s high-tech lynching of Ollie North but I remain a contributor to SAF and GOA and Judicial Watch.


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