Joe Biden misplaces Kennedy and King assassinations in the ‘late ’70s’


2020 Democratic front-runner Joe Biden mistakenly said during a Tuesday speech that the assassinations of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. happened “in the late ’70s.”

Comparing present times with how things were when he was young, Biden said, “Just like in my generation, when I got out of school, when Bobby Kennedy and Dr. King had been assassinated in the ’70s, the late ’70s when I got engaged.” Kennedy and King were murdered within months of each other in 1968.

Biden then seemingly reverted back to the correct decade, referencing the cultural trends that roiled the country in the 1960s. He married his first wife, Neilia Hunter, in 1966. more here

22 Comments on Joe Biden misplaces Kennedy and King assassinations in the ‘late ’70s’

  1. Poor Joe. Wipes his butt with his cell phone. Looks at cell phone, thinks his brains are leaking out his ear.

  2. You know how when someone ends up in the ER and they are asked if they know what day it is, what year it is, who is president, and if they know where they are and why?
    They should ask Joe those questions before each appearance.

  3. And in 1939 when the stock market crashed, President Roosevelt went on Television and told the American people why. Now that’s leadership. So Joe told Catie Curic and she just nodded. Another idiot, just like Joe.

  4. MJA,

    very observant. or Jill is mentally more slow than Joe or Jill has plans for the unspent campaign funds. (she knows he wont make the cut but they will be millions ahead so that’s a very big win)

  5. Years ago when he had brain surgery they were a little too aggressive and removed what little properly functioning matter he had. They were satisfied his life was saved and he’d grow to be content with the limited abilities of a chipmunk.

  6. Joe needs to be placed in a senior living facility where he can be monitored. His wife will come around to that fact when she tires of cleaning up after him when he soils himself daily and realizes he’s not going anywhere in this race.

  7. Pathetic. Just pathetic!
    Whut’s even more pathetic is that he’s the best they got!!
    The democRAT party has become a tool of the Media, Facebook and Google! The Mainstream Media and Social Media have gelled together and are running this shitshow… not the other way around! Jackass Joe is just their dancing monkey on a chain like he was for eight years as VP. Now someone else is holding the chain.


    That schtick was stolen by Trump, and he ain’t giving it back. If ‘ol mumbly Joe was serious about being President, he would have paved the road for himself better when he was V.P. for 8 years. Shoulda accumulated some victories to brag about. Too late now!

  9. When you make a social gaffe or an historical misstatement to your adoring fans/voters, that one’s thing. They forgive and forget.

    What happens when Biden makes gargantuan blunders at the G8 summit, NATO, the UN, etc. ?? Apology Tours on parade ….

  10. “There’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.”
    (Sandy O’Cortez)

    Mind over matter – if you don’t mind; it don’t matter!

    “Truth over facts!”

    The year is immaterial – only the narrative is important – and only quibblers bitch about it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. When Woodrow Wilson stroked out his old lady pretty much pulled the strings. Maybe Jill Biden has plans of her own.

  12. Much like Capt. Spock in Star Trek IV, we think Biden, “did a little too MUCH LDS in the ’70’s…” 😳


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