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Joey In Liberaland

The Weekly Standard’s Matt Labash hung out with Joey Gibson and his friend Tusitala “Tiny” Toese as they attempted to express their right to peacefully assemble in America last Sunday.

Only it wasn’t America they took their demonstration to, but Berkeley, after the political class had spent the week stirring up the easily confused the week prior to their visit.


If this nation follows the example set by the antifa thugs of the San Francisco area we’re going to end up in a world where  free speech is the exclusive right of  those that control the streets.

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  1. Is That Guy Wearing His Kid’s Chest Protector and His Wifes Sleeping Mask ?
    That’s an Easy Way to Distinguish Groups . The Real Man Spends …Well , Zero Dollars on His GEAR ! The Liberal Spends about $ 300 on his OUTFIT !!!
    ~ We Grab The Gear ! ~ They Accessorize the Outfit !!!

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