John Doe II’s Lead Inquisitor Finally Gets Sued

Cindy Archer, a former aid to Governor Scott Walker (WI-R), has filed a lawsuit against Milwaukee County District Attorney, John Chisholm, for the early morning raid of her home on September 14, 2011. Archer was subjected to numerous threats, including her dogs being shot.

Investigators swarmed her home and took reams of records and computers all with a warning that she was subjected to a gag order that forbid her from telling anyone about the investigation.

No charges were ever filed against Archer or anyone else from the search and seizure of her home and records.


This story follows an earlier report of how the prosecutors in the John Doe II case were allowed by a friendly court to gather and view the “e-mails, phone and text records” of 17 individuals for 19 months. Some of these individuals may still not know that their communications were not just documented but read by these investigators.

15 Comments on John Doe II’s Lead Inquisitor Finally Gets Sued

  1. It takes real courage (or desperation) to challenge a prosecutor on his own battlefield. I hope she prevails but the odds of that happening are not good.

  2. “all with a warning that she was subjected to a gag order that forbid her from telling anyone about the investigation.”

    That is illegal. From the get go and merits no attention.

    But most folks don’t know that.

    If that “gag order” came from the bench, the issuing judge should be summarily shot.

    I’m not shitting you, this is way beyond the pale of legal jurisprudence.

  3. Our enemies on the left have gotten over the quaint notion that the rule of law applies to them.
    Desperate to push their agenda, they will stop at nothing.

    It will only get worse.

  4. I often fantasize how I would react if I had a terminal illness with, say, 6 months to live. I’d want to leave the world a little cleaner than I found it.

    Then I get to thinking that we’re all terminal and just don’t grasp it—not doing the necessary house cleaning is a combination of laziness and cowardice. I hate being guilty, but I am.

    I also keep hoping that things will get to a point where a preponderance of us will push back. Probably happen eventually; probably not in my lifetime.

  5. Because of the gag order she or anyone else these inquisitors went after were threatened with prosecution if they ever dared tell anyone about the investigation.

    It’s only been in the last year or so that higher courts have put a stop to this run away fishing venture.

  6. This was a fishing expedition, nothing more. Unfortunately, ‘tard “judges” will go along with these unconstitutional actions to insure the agenda gets pushed forward.

    Push back. Preferably with force.

  7. Where was Gov. Walker while all this unAmerican activity was going on? Paying respects to (fellow Wisconsinite) Joe McCarthy’s grave???

  8. I hope the kangaroo court judge’s ruling gets overturned by a much higher court and the judge is admonished or even better, is disbarred.

    And I hope the prosecutor gets fired, gets sued for huge monetary damages and loses.

    This semi-legal “SWATing” by Leftists against Conservatives is despicable and proves that a Progressive is a Socialist is a Fascist is a Communist.

  9. Lawsuits will not suffice to stop this sort of abuse of power. Within the law, only orange jumpsuits will do.

  10. We’re gonna rob your house, maybe kill a pet or two… But don’t tell anyone, mkay? That’s the kind of stuff they take people to court for in the first place, after they’re arrested.

  11. I would gladly contribute to her legal fund if I can get a ROI; say a proportional share of what should be a very large settlement.

  12. “Where was Gov. Walker while all this unAmerican activity was going on?”

    More are starting to notice he’s AWOL when it comes to defending his own supporters from some fascist pussy on a witch hunt.

  13. I’m sure, that besides Chisholm, other prosecutors in this debacle can be known and named, and where they live and work.
    Time to break glass (office, homes, cars, etc) and puncture tires.
    (did I say that?)
    The po-po can’t be everywhere, all the time.

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