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John Hayward Exposes the elite’s endgame with EVs


There is far more to Biden and the other ‘elite’s’ plan with electric vehicles than saving the planet … in fact, we’re pretty sure the ‘planet’ has very little to do with any of this push to make us all reliant on green energy that is in no way adequate for our energy needs.

John Hayward put together an exceptional (as usual) thread on what they’re really up to:


Spoiler alert: the endgame of the “electric vehicle revolution” is NOT the same number of people driving around, except using EVs instead of gas-fueled cars. The endgame is sharply restricting or eliminating personal transportation for the middle and lower classes

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  1. Don’t forget self-driving cars.
    They don’t want your ass touching the controls of a vehicle.
    They control it.
    They can shut it off remotely at ANY time.

    Tweet that biden* is China’s bitch… car is immediately disabled, after driving you to the nearest thought police station…

  2. You mean when I gaze over the parking lot at the local grocery store filled with mostly $3000 grocery getters, those people can’t afford a $60,000 EV? Nahhh, say it ain’t so, they just need to rearrange their priorities and stop eating. The money will just fall into their lap once it only cost $40 to charge an EV in 2 hours during a no eating lunch break instead of $60 to fill a gas tank in 5 minutes, then spend the remaining 115 minutes stuffing their face with climate killing hamburgers from the grocery store they will no longer go to. C’mon guys, the planet isn’t going to save itself and the upside is we’ll all be driving luxury cars with no where to go that’s affordable.

  3. The next biden* TEN TRILLION DOLLAR BUDGET will include:
    Cash For Clunkers…the Sequel
    Student Loan forgiveness…the Sequel (this time we pinkie swear!)
    A trillion (or two) for Ukraine
    10% for the big guy*
    100 billion to enlist trans-sickos into the military
    100 billion for gender reassignment for anyone in prison.
    (-) 100 billion for law enforcement

  4. Remember, all the vehicles that the leftist advocate: trains, buses, bicycles and EVs can not be driven to freedom.

  5. They also don’t want you driving out to the Country to see Bill Gates’ Farms Manufacturing Soylent Insect.

    They want to Slow Life Down & keep you close to the urban centres. 1 hour a day wasted charging and no driving to Florida for a vacation from a Blue State.

  6. They want to control mobility, period. They want you to stay put, unless they have another place where they need you to be in their equity scheme. They do not like having to track you down and playing whack-a-mole. It complicates their technocracy and it wastes their time and resources, which are needed for engineering massive population shifts.

    But it’s not just moving people around, adding some here and subtracting some there. It’s not a zero-sum game. It’s a huge negative number game. That’s why it’s called The Great Replacement, and not the Great Reshuffling. There’s just too darned many of us, and too darned many of the wrong kind of us in the good places. So you just sit still, don’t make a fuss, die when you’re told to and leave a clean hut for the next guy they move in. And don’t worry…Like joe6pak says, you won’t want to leave the gilded cage, even if you could. Just relax and enjoy themass transit train ride to oblivion.

    You should have seen this coming when the guy in the White House floated a plan to keep you off the federal interstate highways if you weren’t jabbed and masked. He may have forgotten this idea—he forgets a lot of things—but the people who put him there have not forgotten. So when they finally manage to lock you down, you’d better make it a place of your choosing and be ready for a siege.


  7. The planet is fine and will continue to be. The people are fucked. That being said, for those that want to save the planet, or say they want to save the planet for nefarious reasons, I have a solution. We need to build rockets…..hmmm, who is good with rockets these days? Anyway, we need to round up all these climate warriors/politicians and load them onto said rockets and send them to the sun (the one body solely responsible for conditions here on earth)…..hell we could strap them to the fuselage, I don’t care. Just get them off this beautiful blue rock and in front of something that can do something about it. This isn’t rocket science….oh, wait a minute. 🤔

  8. Of course. They’ve been telegraphing their plans for years. “Sustainable housing”. Remember the housing concept of housing sandwiched between 2 mirrored walls? Everything is in walking distance, so no need for vehicles.


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