John McCain Seeks To Block Trump’s Transgender Ban for Armed Services

This is McCain’s statement-

“Any member of the military who meets the medical and readiness standards should be allowed to serve—including those who are transgender,” he said.


Doesn’t that include mental health?????

Apparently being a RINO means you adopt the most asinine of the left’s scientific beliefs. In other words, in order to be a fake conservative you have to have a lot of the stupid in you.. or brain tumors.


23 Comments on John McCain Seeks To Block Trump’s Transgender Ban for Armed Services

  1. Had it with this worthless piece of shit. He’s going to do all the damage he can to the Military until his last breath. No more eat shit and die. From now on it’s just ‘DIE’ you bastard. Take Hillary with you.

  2. @doc. Ok. I will.

    I never want to hear another slobber soaked word from this pus sac idiot, drooling in his oatmeal again. Put a plastic bag over your grotesquely contorted head and put a rubber band around your neck. You are a menace to America. You always have been.

  3. I’m sorry Senator. FedEx just arrived with my long awaited Carolina Candy Company Dark Chocolate Pecan Toffee order.

    I’m back to loving everybody again. Even you.

    Ok. Not you. But everybody else.

  4. How many of your shipmates on the USS Forrestal were trannies Juan? Can you name me one? I didn’t think so. Go away you worthless old POS, we’re sick of you and want you gone now, if not sooner.

  5. That old Vietnamese ace (brought down more American jets than any Russia pilot) better hope his daddy can pull some strings in Hell.

  6. I really wish somebody would release the true history of his capture and imprisonment in North Vietnam. From the rumours swirling about he broke within hours of his capture and gave up the ingress routes of his fellow pilots, the target packages, defensive measures used, pretty well everything which the NVA used to kill and capture other pilots. The crap about his being tortured was just that, crap. I used to give him leeway because he served but at the end of the day more Americans would still be alive and your country would be in better shape had he just become a hippie.

  7. Organ grinder
    Lindsay was a USAF Reserve Colonel.
    That bothers me that little fag made Colonel and I onl made Major.

  8. I think McCain has a weird goal of dying ‘on the floor of the Senate’. That said, may he achieve his goal and leave us in peace–SOON!!!


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