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John Stuart Mill’s Thoughts on Welfare

John Stuart Mill was an English philosopher, political economist, Member of Parliament and civil servant. One of the most influential thinkers in the history of classical liberalism, he contributed widely to social theory, political theory, and political economy. – wiki

No voting rights for welfare recipients seems reasonable, in that, you can’t vote for a slovenly lifestyle promised to you by leftist shitweasels.

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  1. Mill was wrong. There’s no such thing as “welfare rights.” There’s only an individual right to help someone else if you so choose. In other words, there is only freedom to care – or not.

  2. Former Gov LePage got a requirement to work if you were able in order to get welfare and he had a time limit on receiving it.
    Of course Mills ended all that.
    The welfare people in my neighborhood all have cars. Some more than one. Right now there are 2 BMW suv’s, an Audi, a Toyota pickup in the parking lot. Some have such huge tv’s I can see what they’re watching from my kitchen window. Cell phones? Why Apple of course.
    Some eat out every meal and some are in and out all day smoking.
    Tattoos all over some. Those are expensive.
    Ya, Mills’ idea of welfare was good. There would be incentive to get off the system

    I do agree with General M. It is not a right.

  3. A man who is a friend of mine, a long time co-worker, and an expert mechanic who literally worked his way out of the projects qnd into a retirement where he supports himself with stocks he earned and property he purchased with the sweat of his own labor once told me about a neighbor he had.

    He was a young man still making his bones at the time, and pretty much every morning that he left the ‘hood he said the next door neigbor was there to see him off. Drunk from the previous evening and drinking in the rising sun, he would hold up his malt 40 in mock salute to my freind and tell him “make sure you work hard for me today, I’m gonna bbq and my stamps needs to get me.some GOOD ribs!”. Things like that. It just whipped his ass harder till he got a better job, bought a house, bought another and rented the first, and made it out of there by strength of hand and skill of mind. He went on to raise a family and send his daughters to school and never went back.

    He used welfare, no doubt about it. But he only used it until he could work himself out of it.

    I’ve known others with similar stories as well.

    It’s too late to tell ME Black people can’t succeed and can only live on the sufferace of Democrats.

    I’ve seen far too much proof otherwise.

  4. The high payout level of welfare is why we have a shortage of ‘low-wage’ workers (by which I mean $10-20 range). They make as much by doing nothing and claiming welfare. And restaurants are short-staffed, even with higher prices.
    The biggest problem though is that governments have made it practically impossible to get off welfare. If you are bringing in $50k or more in welfare/benefits, and you get a part-time $20/hr. job… they take all of it away. So not only do you have less, you have to work for it and you risk losing your job. The upside is when you get to $40/hr. and onward – but if that takes a couple of years to accomplish, the risk/reward just isn’t worth it except to the rare entrepreneur, and it isn’t likely that applies to any welfare recipients. Governments need to set up partial reductions to incentivize workers to work and to start a new career path.

  5. Never stop. Democrats buy their
    votes with welfare. California pays
    out 42% of all welfare in the 50 states.
    Can you guess why people flock there for
    their welfare ???


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