Johnson & Johnson: ‘Kids Shouldn’t Get A F*cking [COVID] Vaccine;’ There are “Unknown Repercussions” – IOTW Report

Johnson & Johnson: ‘Kids Shouldn’t Get A F*cking [COVID] Vaccine;’ There are “Unknown Repercussions”

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  1. No one that is not at very high risk should.

    I don’t even agree with that. Elderly is high risk, yet my 89 year old mom was killed by it. Being fat and diabetes is high risk, yet I now know two who it killed. Cancer is high risk, I know one it killed, plus my husband had cancer and survived covid at home doing no more than lots of vitamin c(pills and oranges and orange juice) and lots of sunshine.

    A friend’s mother who is in her late 70’s had covid, she took ivermectin, vitamin c and zinc and was better in a few days. Some friends a married couple, one late 60’s, the other early 70’s survived covid after their doctor refused to do anything for them. The woman couldn’t get out of bed, their son got them ivermectin and the second day she felt good enough to get out of bed.

    A fat, younger guy that grew up with my kids had it within the last month, he was pretty sick, went to the ER and they wouldn’t do anything for him because he refused to allow them to admit him. He found a doctor that would give him Z-pak and steroids and his wife bought him Ivermectin at the feed store, he was better in two days.
    Another guy same situation except he went and got antibody treatment and was better in two days.

    People don’t need the death jab, they need early treatment and doctors need to start doing that instead of telling them to go home and wait to get worse then go to the ER where they stick them on a ventilator and give them organ destroying drugs, murdering them.

  2. You know horseman(because posts don’t post if I write his name) reminds me of a man I know.
    He once was what I thought a fairly conservative guy until covid. Then he went nuts, but also a fake when it’s the in thing. When they started saying everyone wear masks he started wearing masks, taking selfies in his mask and posting on Facecrap. Telling everyone how they should wear their masks that it wasn’t about them it was about not killing people like his elderly parents.
    I would see this shit all the time, then one day there were a group of us sitting around talking and he wanders up and starts listening. We were talking about the ignorant masks and how we tell people to kiss our ass we aren’t wearing them like sheep. So he chimes in how he won’t wear them either, now that we’re all in person and nobody is wearing one. I called him out and told him I see all of his mask selfies and all of his posts how we who aren’t sheep are trying to kill his parents. He didn’t even reply, just turned and stomped off.

    Then comes the shots and he got in line as soon as they would allow him. Then started posting about how stupid the rest of us were, that turned into we needed to do the right thing, to until I unfriended him about how we were killing the vaccinated and unvaccinated. He also posted a lot about how people should go to jail if they refused to wear a mask and shouldn’t be allowed to work or shop if they didn’t get the death jab. His posts just kept getting crazier and crazier.

    I think a combination of fear, lack of oxygen and the death jabs or possibly whatever was in the placebo caused insanity.

  3. This was better than the 2nd part.
    I found it interesting that the business lead was talking more about the science than the scientist and the scientist was talking more like the marketing staff would.
    “Civic duty” my a**.
    He wants to keep his cushy job.

    I think there will a couple of guys on the unemployment line today.

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