Minnesotans Boycott Vaccine Non-Compliant Businesses

Star Tribune

A small but vocal group of Minnesotans have begun shunning stores, offices, eateries and service providers where employees are not vaccinated, or decline to reveal their vaccination status. They are scrapping appointments with unvaccinated hairdressers, chiropractors, massage therapists, doulas and financial planners, saying they won’t be back until their provider takes the shot.

It’s a newly energized, grass-roots approach designed to bring pressure to those who have been slow to embrace Pfizer, Moderna or J&J. More

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  1. Red states support individual rights, Blue states put their NAZI suits on in support of ‘Command & Control’.
    The irony is that Vaccinated people need two shots, and a booster now with additional booster shots going forward.

    With all that, those of us with Natural Immunity are still invisible.

  2. To: All COVID vaccinated personnel
    From: General Malaise

    Subj: COVID vaccine spike shedding

    Dear Idiot,

    Please wear an external sign indicating you’ve been vaccinated so I can avoid you like the plague.

    General Malaise, Commanding

  3. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, I was just reading about that and his Dad speaking out for him. I despise these people, Vinderman had nothing done to him.

  4. “A small but vocal group”

    These are the same dopes that thought George Floyd was a hero.

    Further delineating the line between “us” and “them”, the people that live in those cities, the ones that still believe in freedom and personal choice need to step up and patronize those establishments. Reward those that stand up for the values you support. A forearm shiver skillfully placed will clear out the riff-raff blocking the entrance.

  5. @General Malaise:
    “Please wear an external sign indicating you’ve been vaccinated so I can avoid you like the plague.”

    Suggested edit:
    “Please wear an external sign indicating you’ve been vaccinated so I can avoid your plague.”

    I like your thinking! (-:

  6. If these Covidiots need emergency services will they decline help if the cop/EMT, etc is not vaccinated or refuses to state their status?
    I do not want to be around vaccinated people and certainly not a herd of Karens.

  7. A small but vocal group of Minnesotans
    MSM Morons or George Soros funded?

    I get all my news from Google, Facebook, and Twitter.
    I are a fart smeller.

  8. Lord, I know I’m not supposed to hate. But I hate these idiots more and more every day. Help me not to trip fat, pink-haired SJWs as they waddle by and rid me of worse crimes that I have carefully crafted and executed in my mind. Amen.

  9. Just wait a year, maybe two, mutated nature will take its course and the world will be the unvaccinated’s oyster.

  10. No communist boycott has ever worked unless the business owner is a sympathetic commie. I like the way the article high lights ill-informed people living in irrational fear as proof un-vaccinated people are bad.


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