Jorge Ramos’s Kids Are Bunker Babies

Ask him why he walls off his kids in an elite 30K per child school in Miami.

It’s to keep them shielded away from the element he wants imported into this country.Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.48.59 AM

17 Comments on Jorge Ramos’s Kids Are Bunker Babies

  1. Typical elitist. He would have had them in a private school in Mexico cuz you can’t have your kids running around with riff raff. Jorge talks out of his arse.

  2. Hey George!

    Guadalajara called and they want you to come back and finish your contract as the town pinata.

    And quit spellin your name funny –
    you ain’t a negro.

  3. in amazement, i am watching this illegal immigration issue come to a head

    we are in 2015..almost 2016, and the country seems to be just coming out of a slumber and seeing that illegals are like a wrecking ball to our society

    decades before kate steinle, our citizens have been murdered, raped, robbed, killed on the highways by illegals..nothing done except to protect the very ones who threaten us

    this corrupt mess to the south of us is one of the biggest security and economic threats our country has faced, and we have been asleep under the pc blanket for way too long

    if it took trump to finally focus the stoplight on this, and he is serious about fixing this disaster, he has my vote

    ramos, go to mexico..or hell, but get your wimpy ass out of our way

  4. I watched him on the view courtesy of mcnorman, for about 56 seconds. Glad to know he has a bunderful bamily. What a jerk!
    What idiots watch the view on a daily basis? They have to be brain dead.

  5. WhoreHey, being the elitist “guero” that he is, would never want his “ninos” mixing with the unwashed illegal alien Mexican masses. Oh, no.

  6. Apparently he wouldn’t mix them with the whites either. Carrolton is 82% students of color. The “white” Catholic high school in Miami is 1/3 the cost. Overall the student population of Miami is 35% students of color.

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