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Journalists Hook RV Up to $93K Electric Truck, Found It Wouldn’t Even Make 100 Miles Before Needing a Recharge

Western Journal

Democrats have touted electric vehicles as the way of the future, but they have failed to address the setbacks of the still-developing technology. A new experiment has once again highlighted the problems leftists have failed to address.

Journalists from MotorTrend set out to test the towing capacity of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck, and their findings were less than inspiring.

From the start, journalist Eric Tingwall was less than confident in the truck’s towing abilities.

“With the largest available battery pack, a fully charged 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck has less energy onboard than a regular F-150 with four gallons of gas in its tank,” Tingwall wrote.

Even with this knowledge, he wanted to test the electric truck for himself. He hitched the truck to a 2022 Grand Design Imagine 2910BH camper, which sleeps eight and weighs about 7,200 pounds. more here

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  1. Retired now, not shopping for things I really don’t want, need or care about. A EV car is no where near my budget requirements. I have two or three electric scooters with very limited range and missing batteries. If really push comes to shove, I’ll buy batteries and bring them back to life.

  2. “Honey, the trailer’s all hooked up, let’s blow this place and get as far away as we can for the trip of a lifetime.”

    “Where we goin, babe?”

    “Dunno, but it has to be within 40 miles. We need to make it back home.”


    “oh, and we can’t use the truck while we’re there.”

    Sounds like a helluf a vacay.

  3. I’m having déjà vu here at IOTWreport today. MJA and BFH should maybe open some line of communication before posting the same thing? heh.


  4. Planning a road trip around your electric vehicle’s charge range is the perfect activity for people who are that stupid to drive an electric.

    It’s a pandemic of the uneducated.

  5. Liberals believe that if they force everyone into these fantasy vehicles, reality, and physics will morph to fit their narrative.

  6. ecp
    AUGUST 6, 2022 AT 2:14 PM

    “oh, and we can’t use the truck while we’re there.”

    …all batteries discharge constanly to air even if disconnected and not used, and electric vehicles WILL need to use SOME electricity at all times for various system memory and tracking and emergency features.

    So even parking your truck and not using it is no guarantee you will have enough power to get back.

    …also, that’s a”Perfect World” estimate. Batteries degrade as used and your usable power time gets shorter and shorter, so even if you get away with it the year you buy the truck, you probably won’t the following year.

    And also conditions change. What works on a dry summer day may not work when its rainy or snowy and your losing revolutions along with traction, consuming power with no motion benefit. Also, both extreme cold and extreme hot are hell on batteries, so schedule your trips only on 70 degree drydays, especially since that also means you don’t have to use the a/c or heater or windshield wipers, which all draw current.

    And lower your windows ONCE and leave them there. Window motors use a lot of current too.

    And no radio or nav system. Audio and video use current, as does charging your phone.

    …other than that, enjoy your new truck…

  7. Instead of towing a camping trailer one would need to tow an electric generator, powered by … wait for it … diesel.

  8. I earned so much last month that I sit in my underwear and spam internet comments sections! Livin’ the life!

  9. ““With the largest available battery pack, a fully charged 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck has less energy onboard than a regular F-150 with four gallons of gas in its tank,” Tingwall wrote.”

    Very good Tingwall.

    “..Where does the energy come from, madam GM president?” “..Duh, it comes from right here, the plug!” /madam president

  10. EV’s should be mandatory for democRATS and no other vehicles allowed. And leave conservative Americans alone to live in the real world!

  11. @ Doc FJB/LGB AUGUST 6, 2022 AT 4:10 PM

    If not for the collusion of the Republican establishment none of this shit would go anywhere. Unless and until it is recognized that the Democrats and Republican establishment are just subsets of the progressive movement, it’s not the Democrats you have any quarrel with, they tell anyone who is listening exactly what they will do if elected. The Republican establishment, not so much.

  12. Except for the relatively few who 1) want to plunk down $96,000.00 for a new truck, and 2) who cannot resist the siren song of new technology, and 3) don’t off-road at all, there will be few who bite. I wonder how many of these things Ford is planning to build and where the carcasses will end up when they don’t sell.

    “Oh look! Another load of EV fuel heading down the tracks!”
    It’s a special kind of self-deception that allows EV enthusiasts to overlook how their vehicles are re-charged.

    I do hope that, unlike computer and communications technology, we don’t end up with EVs as the only option.

  13. AA, I’m seeing these new EV trucks (hummers, F-150s, Rivians) sell with roughly 1000 miles or less at auction sites for right around $20 to $30k OVER original MSRP for a used (albeit, barely) vehicle. Some of these folks have to be getting them at MSRP and make quite a bit on them. Average Joe, not so much, the dealership would be happy to sell you one for over MSRP if they have any in stock, which they don’t, there’s a waiting list.

    The demand is there, people can’t get them at dealerships so they get them at auction for the same or more, for used. They get them used cause they just can’t wait to overpay. Stupidity is more widespread than you think.

    I’m sending my son to college this month in my 19 year old Honda with 250k on it. Refuse to overpay for new or used, any and all cars are ridiculously overpriced. Wife and I are going to be sharing a single car. Son is going into automotive technology, so he has access to fix any problems with it.

  14. But you can have a frunk. The first time I heard that commercial it was on a race I was streaming, so I went back to see if I heard what I thought I heard.
    I wouldn’t have one if they gave it to me unless they told me I could sell it.

  15. I dunno whut y’all are bitchin about. It can go for all eighteen holes of golf and then some!
    Aaaaannnnnd it can haul around a 2,000Lb battery which makes it the world’s fastest tow motor!

  16. Was driving home from work last week and I go around an on ramp and there is this small EV pulled over as far as it can but still a bit in traffic. It has a brand new 7200 watt DeWalt generator sticking half way out of the small trunk busy charging the car.
    In two or three hours they should be go to go to get somewhere to do a proper charge. Seeing that model of generator only had a 30 amp on 220 or 30 amp 120 output. Last year my friend went to help his mom that her EV was stuck in the road. We were both surprised to learn that you can’t roll them if the motor isn’t working.
    Enjoy your day.

  17. Electric vehicles for the people in the same manner as we have ICE autos now is a pure mirage. Anyone can see the impossibility of the story by looking at eight lanes of freeway crawling, oozing along. Every one of those cars, less a tiny percentage, are going to have to be charged if electric.

    How many new, large power stations have been built in the US in the last ten years? Five? How long does it take from permits to operation to construct one? ‘Renewables’ do next to nothing toward the load we currently consume, so where is that power coming from? More insignificantly useful windmills or solar farms? Nuclear?

    No, you’ll be doing without personal transportation. Of course higher government and corporate officials will have arrangements, and money buys what a person wants.

    It’s a con, and well planned, the execution is moving forward smoothly at the moment.

  18. you get charged extra for being plugged in and fully charged, because you are wasting a charging point. so you need a place to hang around, that you can leave, when your vehicle is 95 percent charged up.

    a diner with internet, if you eat unhealthy food. find a restaurant that makes a profit selling healthy food. I will wait, but I won’t hold my breath.

    A laundromat? maybe, if it’s right across the street and you can lock your dryer. a bar? that will work well. your job? only if your employer is somewhere between woke and broke.

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