JP- Presents Your Woke Progressive “Man?”

This might be his best yet.

ht/ jd hasty

9 Comments on JP- Presents Your Woke Progressive “Man?”

  1. I just forwarded this to my daughter’s sweetie. He’s not a woke male, but I just want him to know that I’m not clueless and will be watching him like a hawk.

  2. Further reinforcing the simple fact that we can not live together.

    This guy is creating a caricature to ridicule all the worse aspects of the woke culture; the free flowing estrogen, the surrender of personal responsibility, rewarding victimization, the nihilism, labeling every aspect of masculinity as toxic and unwelcome, race hierarchy, and negating hard work, achievement and meritocracy. But the wokesters, the real converts, they don’t see ridicule, they see validation, a blue print for the ideal man, one which could co-exist with our new culture.

    Create the most effeminate, gutless, vapid, milquetoast male, that is the new standard.

  3. Sadly I see some of this behavior from some of the young men at my gym. There’s athletes the same age group there. They don’t seem to have been brain washed like the Cheer Squad. I’ve over heard conversations that I could never imagine having with another male. And the girls that age may bitch about Toxic Masculinity but their natural attraction is to the athletic type. An interesting little paradigm to watch. For about 30 seconds.

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