Judge Andrew Napolitano Fired by Fox News Following Sexual Harassment Claims by Young Male Staff

Last Refuge: Perhaps this explains the weird behavior by Napolitano during Spygate.  Initially, the Fox News analyst recognized the issues of the Obama FBI and intelligence apparatus spying on their political opposition. Then suddenly, Napolitano appeared to do an about face despite mounting evidence that highlighted the spying issue as accurate.

A lawsuit was filed [pdf available here] claiming that Judge Napolitano was sexually harassing young men at Fox News.  The news group did an internal investigation and fired Napolitano, which seems to indicate the harassment claims were grounded in fact.   It makes you wonder if sketchy Napolitano was under the cloud of blackmail for his sexual improprieties? MORE

20 Comments on Judge Andrew Napolitano Fired by Fox News Following Sexual Harassment Claims by Young Male Staff

  1. What else would the multiple intelligence entities in this country do with all the personal info they are constantly hoovering up?

  2. Doubt it.

    Anyone can make an accusation and your screwed. Evidence or not.

    Unless of course you are a Biden, Clinton, or Demo.

  3. Too bad. He was always anti Trump and played along with the leftards and now they get rid of him in a way that guarantees he’ll never work again.

  4. I was still watching Fox when he did the about face and I wrote him off at that point. He’ll be working for CNN probably before the year is out and most certainly in plenty of time to spread his biased opinions on the mid-terms.

  5. I’ll guess that our 4th branch of government ….the intelligence branch has blackmail dirt on 75% of our elected officials…..

    Remember the intelligence branch can read every email/text and listen to every phone call in the US…..they’re not supposed to…..but they have that capability.

    demOCrats whine and cry about the kgb and Putin……but we did it first with the cia and daddy bush…..then we elected then re-elected his son…..w.

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    Sorry folks, with 3 gay brothers, her gaydar is the best in the land.
    If the wife says they are gay/bi, trust her.

  7. Well, Heaping scorn and calling those two homosexuals ‘faggots’ could also be called “sexual harassment”, no?

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