Do yourself a favor, watch this. The Rant on The Jab that needs to “go viral” – HA!


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  1. Anybody that’s dumb enough to read my shit here knows I’ve been consistently Antivax. First let me clarify, I guess I’m high risk. Cancer and all. But of the butt load of doctors I finally had my Oncologist spend about a half hour with me addressing the bull shit. And he addressed it from his experience with high risk peeps. Not trying to talk anybody into doing something they don’t feel right about but I’m wondering if a certain amount of Q assholes are now trying to make money on the anti jab shit? Who knows. It’s gotten way to political for a national health emergency and that asshole Fauci does more harm than good.

  2. The jab has killed thousands of people who already had the kung flu.

    I don’t know shit about Q.

    At this point you already had it. There’s practically no way you weren’t exposed to it. You had it and didn’t know it, you had it and had influenza symptoms, or you had it and died.

  3. Erik

    You’re quoting assholes with no credentials. Same a Fauci actually. The new thing is the micro blood clots. Real or bull shit? Who the fuck knows. Like I say, I sure as hell am not telling anybody one way or the other. But I appreciated this Docs time today an his perspective on the front lines. More truth then I’ve gotten from anybody else. Three years down the road needs to be considered.

  4. Brad, my husband’s oncologist has said the masks are useless and told him to stay far away from the vaccine.

    Not that it mattered what he said, my husband is no different than I am and did his own research on masks way back when and did his own research on mRna, long before anyone could make money from it.

    Many of these doctors have lost their jobs by speaking out. Probably the reason he said their conversation wouldn’t be put in the notes.
    Some of his other doctors have been different, his urologist he refuses to see anymore because she’s such a mask nazi.
    His primary just asked him if he was getting the vaccine and he told him no and he said he didn’t blame him, he wouldn’t recommend it in his condition. We both had covid or at least the symptoms of what they say it is, hell I don’t know what it is as they have no test. But we had the shortness of breath that lasted a long time, no smell, etc. So the primary said he would be safe from catching it anyway.

  5. The RRTs have no credentials?

    The people who got the jab are dying in the thousands. Tens of thousands.

    It’s BECAUSE of the jab, not the lack of it.

  6. Old Racist White Woman

    well if it buys this doc any creds he said masks are a fing joke. And what I got out of the conversation was the current risk factor with the Delta Variant. He also mentioned the “Brain dead idea of releasing ten of thousands infected migrant across the boarder shipped to where ever they desire.” You need to get the shot. His last words. I think in his view shits gotten real. His logic was there. That’s all I’m saying.

  7. @Brad First .. Sorry to hear about your cancer.. As I experienced the journey to last 3 years of my late wife.. I know you very high risk. any introduction of anything into your system can cause issues.. Wore a mask outside with her for 3 years when she passed I stopped.. I wore it for her.. not for me. I will NOT get the jab.. Her natural immunizes were weakened by chemo. I am the oldest of seven siblings .. survived measles, mumps, chicken pox, colds, flu ..etc as will most of this population. In my opinion, the current science / numbers does not support the unprecedented hysteria and government actions. If you want to wear a mask.. wear a mask.. You control you. Not Fauci, CIA, FBI, or your governor. Live Free or Die!

  8. RRTs are the people who make sure your lungs work when you are in hospital.

    And that’s everything with influenza, kung flu, and pneumonia.

  9. Anonymous Too

    My condolences about your wife. My cancers harder on my wife than it is on me. I suspect it was the same for you and yours. I got my results back today from my one year PtScan and couldn’t keep the wife form butting in and pin the Doc down. Not fun shit. It’s a club no one wants to belong to. But other members will welcome you with open arms. If that make sense.

  10. Just googled RRTs. Came up with 55 pages of The National Capital Region Transport Corporation. Are you foe real?

  11. How the fuck are people fucking this up?


    Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT)

    The RRT credential is nationally recognized as the “standard of excellence” for respiratory care professionals.

    The examinations for the RRT credential objectively and uniformly measure essential knowledge, skills and abilities required of advanced respiratory therapists. The NBRC evaluates the competency of respiratory therapists and ensures that graduates of accredited respiratory care education programs have every opportunity to earn the RRT credential. It is in high demand nationwide, and we work diligently to help to fill the shortage of qualified respiratory therapists in the field.

    The first examination for earning the RRT is the Therapist Multiple-Choice (TMC) Examination (prior to January 2015, it was known as the Written Registry Examination). The TMC Examination evaluates the abilities required of respiratory therapists at entry into practice and determines eligibility for the Clinical Simulation Examination (CSE). The CRT and/or RRT credentials are used as the basis for the licensure in all 49 states that regulate the practice of respiratory care.

    For more information, click or tap on a topic below, or visit our TMC Exam FAQs.

  13. don’t get the fucking inoculation. that’s all I was trying to say. you, we, have a better chance of being killed from the inoculation than from the fucking disease.

  14. @Brad .. I understand.. I look forward to many .. many more posts from you. (FYI the oncologist’s were mad at me too.. But I did for her and your wife does it for you out of love and to protect. Often many ears can offer suggestions/questions on the protocols to resolve/define the path you two will face together .. knowing the path your on makes the journey easier.)

  15. It’s tough. I’m getting it from all sides to get the jab. Liberal BFF has gone radio silent since our last conversation where I told her I’m still not sure about it. Deep down I fear I’m going to be one of those with a life threatening side effect. I can’t overcome that feeling and I don’t know why. The people I see have already had Covid. But one important person just got the jab and that changes everything.

  16. My husband and I are refusing the jab. As others have said, we’ve most likely already had it and have natural immunity. However, he is a federal employee, so we may pay a price for that stance. We’ll see how that goes.

  17. Btw, it’s not true that all federal employees are leftists, they just have to keep their mouths shut about politics at work. The rank and file employees ARE subject to the law, unlike the politicians. My husband would have been crucified (as would most any other employee) for what Felonia Von Pantsuit did.

  18. Brad, when you have cancer any illness can be worse for you. We’ve already been told all of that. However, the jab even if it was a real vaccine can also be really bad for you.
    That’s not just his oncologist saying that, all of his paperwork for his different medications say do not get vaccines.

    Outside of doctors I’m seeing too many people in regular life who are getting the vaccine and seeing what it’s doing to them, including death. I’m seeing too many people who are getting the vaccine and their kids or spouse who haven’t are strangely being effected. I’m reading the data from other countries.

    Taking ivermectin and even Hydroxychloroquine is safer and has been proven to work is safer to take when you have cancer than taking the jab.

    Unfortunately far too many of the doctors in our country don’t even know about it.
    Now look at all the people who are still getting sick after taking the jab. Look at the countries now that have just purchased more of the crap to give people a 3rd and possibly 4th dose.

    The honest truth is no doctor can honestly say the vaccine is safe because the people getting it are the trial. Although we can look at the animal trials for mRna that made it never be able to get to human trials.

    I would just say if someone thinks they have to take it, they’d be a hell of a lot better off to take the Johnson & Johnson version, although it’s causing bad shit as well, at least it’s not mRna where all the animals died.

  19. The jab is not a vaccine….it’s more a therapeutic/prophylaxis….it’s not guaranteed to keep you from getting COVID1984…..they say it’ll lessen the Covid symptoms….you’ll still be able to pass it also (maybe as a super spreader)….My problem with it is that it makes unnatural spike proteins that are said to cause blood clots….and they’ve been saying from the beginning that Covid blood clots are what’s killing people…

    @ Old Racist White Woman
    I’ll take my chance with proven therapeutics/prophylaxis like……hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, quercetin, or EGCg (green tea extract) plus D3 and zinc…..(I do the daily quercetin with hydroxy/ivermectin as the therapeutic)

    I’ve done my research and am happy with my choices….if they come up with a vaccine that works and I’m not in the experiment….I’ll reevaluate.

    Good luck everyone…..I hope we all make it.

  20. Ed357
    I found out my cousin got the 2nd Pfizer shot Wednesday, Sunday she couldn’t breathe, she was taken by ambulance to hospital, died early Monday morning from a blood clot in her lung and her body was septic, supposedly from a urinary tract infection. Hospital is not reporting it as a vaccine death. Her sister and daughters though say they know it’s what caused it. That she had not felt well since the first shot and they begged her not to get the second and then she dies.

    My husband had a Dr. appointment this morning, his doctor is in a clinic with other doctors, a bunch of people coming in to get their 2nd dose of Pfizer including a 17 year old boy and 13 year old girl.
    His doctor hasn’t gotten the shot and is advising against it, the nurse told me they have had people at the clinic die within a week after getting the 2nd Pfizer vaccine, but the hospitals are claiming it’s something different and that is textbook of how they’re dying, blood clot and body is septic which they say is being caused by different infections and not one of them has been reported as death by vaccine. She said she wouldn’t be getting it and if they mandated it in order to work there, she’d be quitting.

  21. Advice to those with jobs that will require the ‘vax’. Don’t quit, make them fire you. Then join a class-action. They’ll be coming momentarily.

  22. @ Old Racist White Woman

    I’ll at a lose for words….I’m sorry for you lose.

    My baby brother caught COVID1984 when one of his coworkers came to work sick in February this year. He said it was like a bad case of flu….max chills, tired, congestion….

    There’s too many discrepancies in this Covid to overlook….I think it was man-made and if not planned…it was used to someone’s advantage.

    We’ll probably never be told the truth…..but it will be found out.

  23. About 3 weeks ago my son was test positive for Covid (PCR test?), I gave him one of my HCQ and AZ prescriptions and in a couple days he was feeling pretty good. He’s back to work with no issues. I sure hope he doesn’t get the jab!

  24. @Ed357,
    Thank you. It’s just so frustrating to me that so many die with similar/exact causes and they won’t say it’s the shot.
    I believe it killed my mother as well. Because my sister had power over her medical, I was given no choice about her getting them and I still don’t know for sure if she was given moderna or pfizer. I will go to my grave though believing it killed her. There are still discrepancies on when exactly she got her 2nd dose, because my sister told me it was in February and then she died in April, but one brother she told the last week of February was when she got the first one and then the 2nd week of March was when she got the second. But the nurse told me she had gotten the second one two weeks before we were able to see her again. The administrator told me it was a month before.

    All I know for sure is she was fine when I talked to her, then suddenly overnight she couldn’t walk or even get out of bed. Then she started having trouble breathing and all I was told she had a no code order, so they wouldn’t look into what was wrong with her or do anymore than give her oxygen and pain medication and said she was dying from alzheimers.

    I am of course the only sibling who questioned the shot, so I was overruled. It has caused a riff and I’ve only spoken to my sister twice since the funeral. She put her in the nursing home against the rest of our wishes, she told them to give her the shots against my wishes, she told them she didn’t need to see a doctor and then started telling them to not even give her anything for pain or fever until I threw a fit with the hospice nurse and told them she would not suffer that way. Sorry, anytime I get started I start ranting because I’m still bitter, my sister makes a perfect democrat(which she is) and I have yet to be able to let go of my anger.

  25. Co-worker of about 60 and her husband, retired Army, both got the shot. She got the first one, he got both. Her husband had a heart attack and stroke last week out of nowhere. Coincidence?

  26. Has there ever been a vaccine in all the history of vaccinations which was spun to say it’s only intended to reduce symptoms but not actually prevent you from getting the disease?

    They didn’t say the polio vaccine was only to make the symptoms better. It was to eradicate the disease. which is pretty much has. On and on and on.

    Why isthe Chicoff vax different?

  27. Great rant. Just wonder if the evil twisted masterminds – Fauci, Gates and the CCP operatives/collaborators who perpetrated this horrific crime, the Covid Plandemic against humanity will ever be convicted – God, I pray and hope so.

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