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Judge Gets Caught Breaking Law and It Becomes All About “Who Told You?”

I had a similarly infuriating thing happen in my life. The people are so narcissistic and shitty that what they did does not even register with them; it becomes “Who betrayed me?”

********cough cough******** Chris L.

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  1. The schvarzen are simply not intellectually or emotionally equipped for positions of responsibility and probity.

    This video is more evidence of the truth of that proposition.

    Name ONE jurisdiction or entity in the US of significant size run by blacks that is honest and upright, free of significant corruption and run reasonably well. I won’t be holding my breath so, go ahead, think on it.

  2. Justice denied by another worthless black judge who thinks that he is above the law. Democrap injustice at its worst. The judge is the one who needs to be held in contempt and be held accountable and removed from his judicial duties permanently.

  3. The city of Spokane is currently seeking a new Police Chief after our last white male Police Chief resigned when our city elected a left-wing Mayor last Fall. He saw the writing on the wall and got out because he knew that our new Mayor Lisa Brown wouldn’t support him as Police Chief. One of the four candidates is a black woman who is currently a colonel in the Memphis Police Dept., because of DEI and political correctness. My money unfortunately is on her getting to be our new Police Chief at the expense of the 3 other white male candidates who are also applying for the job. What pisses me off most is that Lisa Brown was elected as Mayor with a turnout of about 30 + % of the registered voters in Spokane which makes her Mayor almost by default from a minority of registered voters. Our last Mayor was a good decent Christian woman who got hosed just because she professed a Christian world view. I hate the left whether it’s at the local, state or federal level.

  4. Walter: For me, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell and ClarenceThomas, immediately come to mind as brilliant, capable intellects that would likely put yours to shame.

  5. Geoff….please include the Spokane Fire Chief as well.

    Lisa Brown is a no-necked, leftist troll who’d lock you in a box car and wave as it rolled away to a camp.

  6. This is what you get in Fani Willis land. The state should take over that part of Georgia. The pathetic thing is these guys are scumbags that I’m sure are guilty as hell, but you don’t do it this way.
    The Georgia Supreme Court already stepped in and is keeping the Lawyer out of jail, now they’re going to have to step in and get rid of this Judge and start this trial all over. Hopefully the State at that point will take it away from Fani Willis’ office.

  7. The legal profession doesn’t have a lot of bright line rules, but this is one of them. Even inadvertent ex parte communications need to be disclosed, but the fact that the meeting had a number of attendees and apparently a court reporter was present indicates that this was not inadvertent. But, as evidenced by the judge’s reaction, it was supposed to be secret.

    Occasionally a judge will conduct settlement negotiations which involve meeting ex parte with counsel. But everyone knows what is going on, everyone has to agree, and most judges will not conduct a settlement conference and meet with counsel separately during a trial in any event. Further, settlement negotiations are privileged, and none of the negotiations can be used at trial. Perhaps most importantly, settlement conferences do not involve meeting with witnesses or, in most cases, with the parties themselves.

    This is serious judicial misconduct, and the judge can be removed from the bench. At a basic minimum, the judge should have scheduled a hearing on the matter and probably should have recused himself and declared a mistrial. But jailing defense counsel because he will not disclose who told him this information is never proper.

  8. Final thought. The fact that defense counsel requested a transcript of the meeting is neither here nor there – defense counsel was likely being diplomatic in bringing this situation forward instead of directly accusing the judge of misconduct. The existence or absence of a transcript really means nothing – the ex parte meeting should not have occurred.

  9. There’s some serious gaydar vibes coming off that Demwit judge. Might be the reason he couldn’t keep his mouth shut and conduct proceedings in confidence according to the law.

  10. This pisses me off also but you know nothing will happen. The defense attorney will very likely spend several nights in jail. The judge is more interested in who ratted him out. Rules, laws and the Georgia and US Constitutions be damned.

  11. @CT Ginger

    I agree with you 100%. Let’s look to educated, patriotic Americans regardless of any circumstances of birth, color, religion, etc.

    We need patriotic and conservative people like the gentlemen you mentioned on our side. We know they will help us in our fight. There are a lot of loathsome people in the US. Why view any of them as indicative of entire races?

    We need supporters, period, to defeat the evil. Nothing else matters at this point.


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