Judge Nap, the mendacious magistrate

AT: I’m not a daytime watcher of Fox News, but as an always-on television is within earshot, I do tend to be a bit of a detached daytime listener.  As such, I have been mystified by the one-eighty-degree turn of Fox legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano from being an ardent Trump-supporter to a constant critic of the president.  It was one of those mysteries we must sometimes wait years for to get an explanation of what led to such a sudden, inexplicable political reversal.  But thanks to that titan of tweeting, our nation’s chief executive (Dems would prefer that to be Titanic), we now know what inspired this sudden onset of anti-Trump hostility from Judge Nap.

Following his hugely successful Wisconsin rally Saturday night, Donald Trump tweeted this:

….Ever since Andrew came to my office to ask that I appoint him to the U.S. Supreme Court, and I said NO, he has been very hostile! Also asked for pardon for his friend. A good “pal” of low ratings Shepard Smith.

Aha!  Sorry, couldn’t resist that — it’s so seldom one gets to use aha, and for once, it actually applies.  But seriously, folks (as a certain comedian used to say, who, by the way, like our president, could never get any respect, either), if true, Trump’s tweet does certainly provide motive for Judge Nap’s mysterious morphing from a Fox News fan of the president to a continually carping critic, without even a hint of explanation from the network.  This is another example of how all these so-called “expert” observations we’re continually fed by the media are far too dependent on the personal feelings and attitudes of the so-called experts rather than being objective and fact-based.  Moreover, Trump’s tweet shows the entire nation that Napolitano’s goodwill, even his on-air legal opinions, can be bought — not exactly a quality most presidents would look for in a Supreme Court appointee, is it?

What is even more mystifying is this: whatever made Napolitano think he, an on-air legal “analyst” for Fox News Network, was of sufficient juristic eminence to be appointed to the highest court in the land?  True, he was a New Jersey Superior Court judge, and that is a statewide bench, but it’s an intermediate court, not the New Jersey Supreme Court, which service upon would have lent a bit more heft to Napolitano’s national ambitions.  You can bet the farm that had Trump made the appointment, the media would have immediately and endlessly denounced Judge Nap as judicially unqualified and appointed only due to his on-air support of Trump.

And for a top-level legal analyst, Judge Nap has to be politically tone-deaf to not realize what a field day the media would have with a Trump pardon for a friend of two Fox personalities.  Those liberal headhunters would hang a cronyism-corruption charge around Trump’s neck that would create a political stench worse than a long-dead albatross.  Trump wisely recognized the hazard and declined to put himself in such jeopardy, correctly calculating that Nap going negative was the lesser of two bad options.  Like so many of us, Trump has to be aware that far too many of Judge Nap’s past on-air judicial prognostications have turned out to be decidedly wrong — pure crap from Nap.  more

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  1. “Dear Andrew, last night with you was bliss. I fear my..orgasm has left me a cripple. I don’t how how I shall ever get back to work. I love you madly…P.S. Loved the cabin.”

  2. Napolitano’s staccato, fake belly laugh always indicated to me that he was a lying, rat bastard. That in addition to his hair-brained (supposedly libertarian) legal analyses most of the time. He was never what he claimed to be (a true, constitutional conservative). Maybe in NJ he could be considered conservative, but outside of the few self-proclaimed “conservatives” in areas infested by the coastal elites (such as the brain dead never-Trumpers), his views were generally suspect at best.

    Within a few months of his initial appearance on FoxNews (even when he occasionally spouted a bona fide conservative idea), I rightly suspected he was simply a barking seal performing for what he believed to be his audience. He and the suits at FoxNews thought he could play the part and fool their audience, but over time the truth is always revealed. He’s proven himself to be just another lying, self-serving political hack typical of the poor quality of “judges” overseeing our supposed justice system these days.

  3. That news speaks loudly as to the moral character of the judge. He doesn’t get what he wants so instead of reflecting on the possible reasons why he goes about smearing the person who refused him. Glad he’s no longer on the bench.

  4. It’s the haircolor that I enjoy looking at. You never know what color is going to be. He spends a lot of time in the beauty parlor. It’s the laugh that makes him a total FN fake.

  5. I rarely watch TV, only when it’s on when I am out, and in that brief amount of time I was able to detect Judge Napolitano’s strange reversal in attitude. This does make sense.

  6. Why does Fox still trot that slimy ‘Judge Neopolitan’ out to spew his venom and false legal statements?
    There are rumors that Hannity will leave Fox after his contract is up. It would be sweet if he and some of Fox’s other top talent left and went over to OAN network. No more Juan, Geraldo or any of the rest like them to put up with.

  7. Mark Levin has talked about Napolitano’s flawed interpretation of the Constitution a few times. Especially since Trump was elected.
    I think not only is Napolitano ticked at Trump, I think the powers that be at Fox News have commanded all of their actors to take a more left leaning path.
    We watch Fox Business. Lou Dobbs, Liz Mac, Stu Varney.

  8. The rumor has it that “Disney” took over Fox and now it doesn’t surprise me that they have such lowlifes as Donna Brazille on The Five! They have put Tim Ryan on Board ODs,,,,,what’s next? Netflix put Valerie Jarret on their Board!! Michelle will probably be next! Anything for a Buck!!

  9. Another reason why I don’t own a TV. Stayed at a hotel recently for 3 days, and I figured out how to turn the TV on. As I flipped through the channels, it reinforced my reasoning for not owning a TV. The dildo info commercial was interesting. No Shit? So, show us how to use it! A dildo party? Really? I suppose that was better than watching the news. The info commercial held my attention for about 5 minutes. No action so I turned the TV off and never turned it back on. It was liberating – not vibrating.

  10. Dear Saxindacity,
    For the same reason they trot out Wan Williams, Marie Harf, Jennifer Tarlov, Donna Brazile, Jemhu Greene, Shep, Cavuto and Geraldo. Think of them as the filler in hotdogs. Lips, ears, peckers, snouts, assholes, etc.


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