Judge Orders FBI to Search for Christopher Steele Documents

Epoch Times:

A federal judge on Aug. 19 ordered the FBI to search for records related to former British spy Christopher Steele after his termination as the bureau’s confidential human source.

District Court Judge Christopher Cooper said that the public interest in the documents outweighs Steele’s privacy rights and ordered the FBI to complete the search within 60 days, according to court documents.

Steele became one of the central figures in the scandal surrounding surveillance of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign after Steele was identified as the creator of the infamous Trump dossier. The FBI used the dossier as evidence to obtain a secret court warrant to spy on Trump-campaign associate Carter Page. The Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee ultimately funded Steele’s work.

“The court was right to turn aside the FBI’s fake concerns for Clinton spy Christopher Steele’s privacy and order the agency to search for more records on its use of Steele and his Dossier to target President Trump,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement. more

15 Comments on Judge Orders FBI to Search for Christopher Steele Documents

  1. How much evidence is needed to actually get something, anything done about this crime? True justice must be dead in the US, thanks to a crooked DOJ, CIA and FBI. Everyday some new story, everyday nothing happens to the swamps team of criminals.

  2. Is that the same FBI that erased Hillary’s phone after being ordered to preserve it for evidence? Never even got a slap on the wrist for that. They will destroy any evidence they find. They cannot be relied upon to investigate themselves. This is nonsense.

  3. the fbi will do like it normally does and just ignore it.
    they can do that because there are no consequences.

  4. It takes a federal judge to tell the DOJ to do their damn job?!?! I agree with Claudia, fire them all! Then create The Department of Judicial Watch.

  5. Sixty days?? They’re the FBI, for God’s sake. They should be able to pull the entire investigative file in 60 minutes. This, like every other order, will be ignored.

  6. Claudia; I’ve signed up for monthly donations to JW. Strange how the public has to hire a third party to actually find out just what the criminals in Washington are up to. You’re right that they are doing a much better job, with actual results at such a much lower cost than the crooks running our justice department into the ground.

  7. On the last day, “yo onah, we ain’t found shit”

    Why doesn’t the FBI get the documents from NYT and Wapo? They gave them everything else.

  8. “Judge Orders FBI to Search for Christopher Steele Documents”

    …so they can make sure they destroyed EVERYTHING, they’ve been pretty slopply so far…

  9. Any headline reading that something is “ordering” a government agency to do something is like reading articles from one-man rule countries. Xi, Trong, Erdogan, Putin, KJU, saying something must be improved is like getting papers stamped. Okay we did it, everyone back inside!


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