Judge Orders Woman to Walk 30 Miles – IOTW Report

Judge Orders Woman to Walk 30 Miles

For Ditching Cab Fare.

An Ohio judge who’s known for his “creative” sentences is at it again.

victoria bascom sentenced to walk 30 miles


9 Comments on Judge Orders Woman to Walk 30 Miles

  1. @ Anonymous,

    I sat on my ass all day and I feel great. I also watched some NASCAR and ate me some BBQ ribs.

    I feel great, my legs still work, and I’ll sleep like a baby.


  2. Tsunami. You are killing me. To damn funny. There’s a new weight lifter shirt out that reads “I don’t do cardio because these colors don’t run”. Pretty much my motto.

  3. I can’t do stuff like that because karma is immediate. When I was nineteen two buddies and I “dined and dashed”. An hour later someone punched me and broke my nose.

  4. Make her blow Dennis Hastert, she’ll never run out of cab fare.

  5. Good job anonymous, but why mention you did a Tri this weekend yet remain anonymous? WTF?

    I just don’t get it?
    What particular anonymous just did a Tri?
    Who knows because…ANONYMOUS!

    Join the group and we will give you props.
    (Or ridicule like Tsunami…)

  6. I hope he made her pay restitution, plus the 30 mile walk.. we need more judges like this!

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