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Judge Rejects Democrats’ Gerrymandering in Maryland

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Maryland judge Friday threw out the Democrat-controlled state legislature’s congressional district map on account of “extreme partisan gerrymandering” and ordered it to draw a new one by March 30.  

The scathing opinion, written by Anne Arundel Circuit Court Senior Judge Lynne A. Battaglia, marks a massive victory for two GOP-backed lawsuits against the state’s congressional maps. 

The legislature passed that map and overrode a veto from Republican Gov. Larry Hogan late last year. The map got an “F” from the Princeton Gerrymandering Project and has the potential to eliminate Maryland’s last Republican congressman.  More

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  1. I hate this state. I have lived here my entire life and have watched it turn into “the peoples republic of libtardia” over my lifetime.
    I just need a few more years until retirement and I am GONE!

  2. Jethro, I’m with ya brother, lived here my entire life also, I live right outside of the shithole, (Baltimore) and just try my best to get around what the DemocRATS do in Annapolis. I have obligations that prevent me from leaving but my dream is to get the hell out of here someday. I was shocked at this judges decision.

  3. Ya’ll are welcome in Kentucky, I don’t think we’ll have another Democrat governor any time soon after the current one slithers away. The legislature is solid red. Stay away from the big hell-holes and you’re good to go.

  4. @Jethro & @Bryan — Count me in on the hate group, I was born in Annapolis and although I left MD for good in 1995 I had spent more of my life there than anywhere else.

    What particularly pisses me off is there are beautiful parts of the state populated by great people. The good stuff has been steamrollered into the mud by the fscking bureaucrats around DC and the “urban poor” around Balmer.

    I walked away from a nice place on the Eastern Shore to get away. 200′ of Choptank River bank, with a dock grandfathered in, between Denton and Greensboro. A lovelier spot you’d have a hard time finding. But it was in fscking Maryland.

  5. Add me to the mix.
    I have just one last tie to the state, then I’m out.
    Uncle Al, I lived on the shore, hunted there, and worked around your area. I will miss the geography. The politicians can go to hell.

  6. been a Merrylander all my life. my family farm was ’emancipated’ by FDR to build Greenbelt, MD (w/ the codicil that it would never be used for commercial property. now, 3/4’s of the land is … commercial … lesson learned at a very early age).

    grew up in PG & Montgomery Counties … hunted in both, as a kid & young adult … no more. moved to southern MD, but the encroachments of the d’rat mentality, w/ their soft-on-crime & tolerance of homelessness & uncivil behavior are taking hold here also. so far, my neck of the woods is peaceable & quite affordable. but I realize there will come a day when I’ll have to abandon friends & family & move on to more southernly, friendly climes

    western Merryland is mostly conservative, but were jerrymandered into the d’rat fold last census, where now they are part of the d’rat Montgomery/Howard districts. so you’ve got people looking to succeed & join WVA … I don’t blame them

    Eastern Shore is the only district that is still held by republican … & the bastard d’rats are trying to erase that too. gotta hand it to them … they are quite insidious

    Merryland is like NY, especially for retirement … they will gladly take your money but, by their policies, they obviously don’t want you to live there

  7. To all of the above, now you know how AA and I feel about being driven out of the NW.
    The left ruins everything that is good.

  8. I escaped from MD 5 years ago. Been there since 1976. The MD DMV still banged me for motor vehicles that were insured in MO before I even got a DL in MO.

    Be careful with those bastards. They will send you to collections, and hound you, and fuck up your credit score just because they can. And then they don’t show up in court and you are still fucked.


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