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Judge Strikes Down Florida Transgender Law, Saying, “Gender Identity Is Real”


The federal judge who blocked part of Florida’s law on transgender care for minors last year struck the law down in a decision Tuesday, saying key parts of it are unconstitutional. “Gender identity is real,” Judge Robert Hinkle of Federal District Court in Tallahassee said in his 105-page decision, per the New York Times. The 2023 law banned gender-affirming care for minors and severely restricted it for adults. “Florida has adopted a statute and rules that ban gender-affirming care for minors even when medically appropriate,” Hinkle wrote. “The ban is unconstitutional.” He also struck down a ban on telemedicine for trans adults and a requirement that they receive treatment only from doctors, not nurses.


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  1. Hinkle, a Clinton appointee.
    Gee, I don’t see anywhere in the US Constitution where it says the fed govt can decide there are 150 different genders and states don’t have the power to regulate their own sporting events.
    These Dirty Dems just make stuff up out of whole cloth.
    If it weren’t made up he wouldn’t have needed 105 pages to try to spin it.

  2. Thinking that you are Napoleon is real too, but it doesn’t mean you can lead the French empire! It used to guarantee you a spot in Turney Tech!

    A man identifying as a woman should have the same consequences!

  3. I will not read the 105 page finding but….. “The ban is unconstitutional.” once again someone makes a statement that they can’t support. It is happening all the time. it is ludicrous!

  4. Sooo….the judge has made his decision.
    And if the state of Florida ignores that decision and continues to implement their trans care law as written? What’s going to happen?
    Two quotes come to mind.
    “‘The Pope (judge). How many divisions has he?’”” (attributed Joseph Stalin)
    ““John Marshall made his decision; now let him enforce it.”” (attributed Pres Andrew Jackson)

    Waaaay past time to ignore unConstitutional FedGov rulings and laws.

    It would be fun to see the tug-of-war between a VERY conservative no-holds-barred state like Florida -vs- the DildoCrat Libtard uniParty FedGov.
    The state still has (or should have) some control of monies that flow to the FedGov.
    How difficult would it be to pass a Florida law “To All Florida Citizens. You are no longer required to file or pay Federal Income Taxes. Instead all monies shall be paid to the State of Florida to make up for the loss of Federal monies. New Florida State tax forms will be coming out immediately”
    What’s the FedGov gonna do? Arrest the entire state of Florida?
    Cut off their funding (that originates from the state, passes through the FedGov’s sticky fingers, then a percentage is returned to the state?
    Wow! How magnanimous!

  5. It’s about time to start striking down judges that over step their authority. Legislating from the bench should be grounds for immediate dismissal. The most important qualification for not just judges but legislatures and executives should be knowing, understanding and adhering to the limits the Constitution places on government. Unfortunately while at least a few of them know and understand the Constitution even fewer bother to adhere to it, mainly because we haven’t hung any violators.

  6. Another commie faggot piece of shit judge makes an outrageous ruling. “Gender identity is real.” Um… No, it isn’t anymore than species identity is real. We live in an age where powerful judges are denying one of the most basic rules of human biology, one so simple and obvious than even the dumbest of our species fully understands it.

  7. At one time, lobotomies and sterilizing the mentally ill was considered medically sound. It was recognized that these practices served the medical staff more than it helped patients The same can be said of gender affirmation therapies.


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