Judge upholds ‘show your papers’ AZ immigration law


A federal judge has upheld part of Arizona’s contentious immigration law, rejecting claims that the so-called “show your papers” section discriminated against Hispanics.


2 Comments on Judge upholds ‘show your papers’ AZ immigration law

  1. Finally, a reasonable law used to deal with an unreasonable situation is held up. Judge was appointed by Clinton and a ruling a few back from her stop the law. Better areguments this time I guess.

  2. Bolton ruled that immigration rights activists…

    No. They are NOT for immigration. They are for ILLEGAL immigration.

    My grandmother was an immigrant. She applied for a visa. She saved up money for passage. She got a sponsor and had a job waiting for her when she got to this country. She waited the time required by law, then she immigrated. Everything was LEGAL.

    NOT like what these knuckle-draggers are demanding which has nothing to do with legal immigration. Stop using their words to describe their support of an illegal activity.

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