London: Detectives forced to ride buses

DETECTIVES are now having to catch the BUS to investigate crimes because their force does not have enough squad cars, it emerged today.

london buses

In one instance, an officer was told to chase “dangerous” criminals evading arrest by public transport because there were no vehicles available. Another time, a family were stunned to see detectives who were called out to investigate the death of their relative climb off a bus before walking to their front door.  MORE

8 Comments on London: Detectives forced to ride buses

  1. On the other hand, if the crooks couldn’t afford a car either and the cops saw them you could have a wicked double decker bus chase through London. The downside is they may end up having to stop to take on or let passengers off. Good Monty Pythin sketch though.

  2. When you need a cop in seconds they are only hours away.
    Not too worry, they still have plenty of chalk with them too outline the body’s and start the necessary paperwork.

  3. What do expect from a country that drives on the wrong side of the damned road and doesn’t even know how to bbq a proper brisket?

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