Judicial Watch granted additional discovery into Hillary’s email usage

Judicial Watch requested–and was granted–additional discovery into then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email usage & Benghazi talking points during her tenure at the State Department. The only depositions that are currently pending before the courts are requests for Sec. Clinton and her attorney, Cheryl Mills.

8 Comments on Judicial Watch granted additional discovery into Hillary’s email usage

  1. Partial victory. Killary has 30 days to challenge the ruling. She was supposed to be deposed today, but the same Judge Lamberth allowed killary to skate on that. Two thumbs up to Judicial Watch, they continue to fight the fight!

  2. & indictment in … 3 … 2 ….



    yeah, thought so …. ‘no justice, no peace’ … phuck your ‘brave new world’

  3. Yeah, okay. Whatever. I’m sure Hillary is quaking in her boots. I’ll keep sending money to Judicial Watch anyway, but I’ve given up hoping for a miracle, much less justice.

  4. Weird. If somebody SENT me an email with a photograph of a scantily clad woman, and I do mean a woman, not a girl… I would lose my situation.

    That reminds me of the petrol theft scandal at Florida Ave.

    “Did you SEE technician 321 STEALING PETROL?”

    “I saw some dude, in a telephone truck, fill petrol cans from the pump.”

    “So, he was stealing petrol?”

    “Look, he was filling gas cans. Some of these trucks have generators that do not run off of the native petrol tanks of the trucks.”

    “If we find you are lying you are subject to…”

    THIS whore, Clinton, is dead to rights a malfeasant.

    But yet I, a dude in a petrol queue, was subject to furious cross questioning.

    Fuck off.

  5. A private entity has to do this? This is government prosecution work.

    What pile of corrupt shit our government has become after 8 + 8 years of those corrupt, malignant clowns obama and clinton and 8 years of ass-in-the-air Bush.

  6. Hillary Clinton walking free to 2020 when she should have been hanging from a tree already. She and all the criminal Obama gang belong in Gitmo, or worse, but they are running the government still. Criminals all the way back to the Bushes and there really isn’t anything Trump can do about it. If he had actually had the power to try, he would have been the one to join JFK, not Hillary.

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