Junior Member Of “The Squad,” Cori Bush Caught Sending Racist Hate Messages To Herself


Cori Bush shared that she got a hate message from white supremacists! The latest information says that Cori Bush was the one that wrote the white supremacist hate message and sent that to herself! More

29 Comments on Junior Member Of “The Squad,” Cori Bush Caught Sending Racist Hate Messages To Herself

  1. She can’t hook up with Bubba Wallace. She would want him to finish second and Lord only knows he can’t finish better then 14th…

  2. There is such a relatively small amount of actual racism in America that people of color have to invent it in order to be elevated to victim status so they can continue their reign of supremacy over white people.

  3. So, for the sake of argument let’s assume that she did in fact receive a dozen racist messages and we’ll further assume that they were sent from a dozen discrete sources. Doesn’t 12 messages from a population of some 330million people prove “wide spread raysism”? FFS!

  4. Another lying hypocrite (using Nazi methods) in office … we’re supposed to be surprised?
    If you expect anything otherwise from a Demonrat, you’re an idiot.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. And the media believed every word. Lying to the public like that should be grounds for automatic expulsion from CONgress, and perjury charges.

  6. People running for and in elected offices should be required to have IQs larger than their shoe sizes

    This woman is an idiot

  7. That’s what happens when a self loathing piece of depressed crap with multiple personality disorder sees herself in the mirror and writes a fuck off letter to herself.


  8. She is so fat, ugly and stupid she probably cheered the racist tweets she sent to herself as making her seem important!

  9. She told the whole story when she referred to her position in “The Halls of Power”…….Dems don’t realize that it was designed to be halls of servitude for the people that elected them. Although this past election was no “election“ at all but rather a “placement”

  10. Kind of strange, but I actually feel sorry for people like her. It must be a very empty life to feel like you have to make stuff up in order to continue to be portrayed as an oppressed victim. The hell of it is that there are those dumb enough to believe it without question. It is just a vicious circle.


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