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Just How Much Influence Does Hunter Have Over Joe?

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Hunter Biden’s laptop continues to provide interesting and arguably disturbing information regarding the troubled son’s relationship with his father. Joe Biden has long maintained a separation existed and exists between himself and his son’s various dealings, but a newly recovered video paints a different picture.

According to the Washington Examiner, Hunter Biden brags in the video about having control over what his dad talks about, noting that the now-president “thinks I’m a god.” More

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  1. So Hunter can’t tell Parmesan cheese from crack and sends his Dad his porn and his Dad thinks he is better and smarter than him. Well that sure explains why the country is imploding at the fastest rate possible.

  2. he has a lot of influence over joey.
    and some of it, if not all, might not be of his own choice.
    With his history, he is wide open to blackmailing by the chainese and ukrainians. He can be told what to do by them, or they spill the beans.
    hunter can be motivated to blackmail his father, in order to save both their asses.
    what isn’t covered by that scenario, is motivated by greed.
    so, yes, the family is corrupt to the core.

  3. I would question how much influence the Øbamboozler really has over Jackass Joe.
    Now I do think JJ knows that the Kenyan Kremepuff wields a lot of power and is his gateway to the Hood, but, as they say, blood is thicker than water and as racist as that old bastard is, White skin and being a son is an unbeatable combination for Hunter.

    Not only that, but after a year and a half wouldn’t you have to say only a crack-head talking into a demented pedophile’s ear would do this kind of damage to the most powerful country on the Earth??

  4. He might have more influence with Dementia Joe than Beau Biden right now, but Baracky Osmidgen, ValJar, and Susan Rice are the ones managing the Fundamental Destruction of our Country. Nobody in the White House is taking calls from Humper, except the Big Guy, and he’s not in charge of anything except pretending he’s President*.

  5. Joe Biden himself is a career and compulsive liar, with a reputation of being untrustworthy, swindling, devious, and unreliable. Not a wonder that his crack-whores crack-smoking son is the same way. Both also are long regarded as unintelligent and lacking skill and talent in any area, the main reason why democrats chose Joe Biden as their buffoon.

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