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JUST IN: Fox News Star DEAD…

At the age of 64, Uma Pemmaraju, a pioneer at Fox News Channel, has passed away, Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding her passing were not immediately clear.

Pemmaraju was at the leadership of the cable news network since its debut in October 1996. She is one of the few Indian-Americans to rise to prominence in the media in the United States.

Uma Pemmaraju was one of the first anchors on Fox News Channel, and the network has issued a statement expressing its sincere grief at her passing.

“She was broadcasting on the day we first went on television,” they said.

Uma was well regarded as a skilled journalist and a kindhearted individual. CEO of Fox News Media Suzanne Scott sent her sympathy to the surviving members of her family.

Pemmaraju’s responsibilities at Fox News included hosting Fox News Now and Fox On Trends initially. She left the network, but returned in 2003 to fill in as a newscaster.

Later on, Pemmaraju hosted Fox News Live and The Fox Report, where she talked to newsmakers including the Dalai Lama.

Pemmaraju, who was born in Rajahmundry, India but grew up in San Antonio, Texas, refined her journalistic skills at local TV stations in Dallas, Baltimore, and WBZ Boston. She was honored with an Emmy for her reporting on a Baltimore youngster who nearly drowned.

She then uprooted to the Big Apple to help create Fox News.

In an interview with the Boston Globe from 1993, Pemmaraju said that she often focused on the lives of the poor.

She explained how she was merely a conduit through which the welfare of others may be advanced. She said, “I want to use my fame for good for all of society.”

A life-changing event happened while she was in Boston in 1990. The convenience store she was about to film in for a feature story was robbed by two masked gunman.

This was the first time a crime scene “came to me,” she told the Boston Globe, adding that she was frequently sent to murder scenes.

She has always been interested in journalism, but it really captured her attention when she was young. She was the granddaughter of a newspaper editor, and she documented the events she observed on television in a journal.

She worked at the local paper and TV station when she was still a young adult. Numerous Emmys were given to Pemmaraju for her reporting and investigation work.

She was a professor of journalism at both Emerson College in Boston and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when she wasn’t busy in front of the camera.

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  1. I always liked her. I thought she was a beautiful woman too. Such smooth, lovely skin.
    Very sad to pass so young.

  2. interviewed Donald Trump frequently in her long broadcasting career.

    Not going to speculate on how she died as no one knows – or they aren’t saying: How did Uma Pemmaraju Die? Uma Pemmaraju passed away on Monday, August 2022. However, a cause of death wasn’t available immediately. Her health was reportedly deteriorating in recent times and she had developed old age-related issues.

    People automatically think it’s covid related or jabbed related. I bet none of those 14 doctors in Canada who got jabbed 4 times thought it would kill them…. Thinking can be deadly…


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