The smallest words can pose the biggest threats.

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  1. “Apparently sources dont impressed this crowd.”

    Not in my case. If I depended on all the sources thrown at me I would have remained JAB free. What convinced me was a very frustrated Doc that exposed me to his day to day. Quit feeling so butt hurt and talk to the few of us that want to hear what you say. You’re to fucking emotional, which drives me nuts.

  2. Groucho

    It’s late. I want to make a suggestion. If you are an authority on this, make arrangements with BFH to do a Q and A. State your Generic expertise before hand. And yes expect to hear from some assholes. i THINK A FEW OF US WOULD LIKE TO HEAR A REAL CONVERSATION.

  3. Its just between a doctor and his patient.


    Each person is medically different.

    Each person has their own medical Hx.

    Each person has their own allergies.

    Each person is affected vy some medicines differently.

    Each person has their own immunities.

    No “government mandate” takes ANY of this into account.


    Your doctor.

    That’s IT.

    Everyone ELSE?

    Noneya Business.

  4. Unless of course if you’re actually a bar tender in Cleveland and just fucking with everyone. If that’s the case, virtual high five.

  5. Just is a root of justice. Used incorrectly as we do today as ‘little’ ‘insignificant’ we fail in our rigor. This misuse is fully accepted colloquial use of the word, to our detriment.

  6. @Groucho – based on recent studies, it appears that the vaccinated truly are super spreaders of the virus as they carry a viral load 251 times greater of the delta variant vs. the alpha variant. Thus, they appear to be far more of a danger to the unvaccinated than other unvaccinated people.


    It appears that the mRNA injection (it isn’t a vaccine in any legal or traditional sense of the term) doesn’t help the vaccinated kill the virus, but rather lets the virus replicate and mutate inside the person vaccinated as it tries to survive inside the host, which leads to greater spread of the virus because the virus isn’t killed in the host in short order as it would be with a traditional vaccine or natural immunity. Traditional vaccines enable the host to kill the attacking virus by training the natural immune system to recognize it.

    The CDC’s own numbers show that more than 13,000 people have died from the injection and tens of thousands of more have experienced severe reactions including strokes, blood clots (and other blood disorders), Guillan-Barre syndrome, partial paralysis and several other serious, long term problems. And being a voluntary reporting system, at best, it is estimated that these numbers only reflect about 10% of actual instances of adverse reactions with some estimates placing it at only 1% of actual problems.

    Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, quercetin and other compounds are believed to act as ionosphores (which help carry zinc ions into the cells – zinc has been proven to greatly diminish if not completely stop viral replication in cells). So there is a lot of valid science behind these substances. There are many recent studies (even published in the NIH pubmed database) reporting that ivermectin is an effective treatment in all phases of COVID. I’m more willing to take my chances with the practically non-existent side effects of ivermectin (in proper doses) than I am to risk the completely unknown, long term side effects of a genetic experiment being passed off as a vaccine.

  7. Early this week I took a weight appropriate dose of ivermectin horse paste for 2 days and felt nothing as a result. I don’t have Corona and don’t think I will ever get it (immune), I just wanted to see for myself if there are indeed any side effects before I store it as a safety measure for my family.

    It’s your life, y’all be y’all. I’ll be me.

  8. I have a leftist acquaintance who got the first of two shots (don’t recall which company). She has had a nagging cough that she can’t shake. I gave her Echinacea, iodine and silver to try out, didn’t help. Now she’s coughing more often, and sounds like it’s becoming productive.

    One of my supervisors is an near-elderly purple dyed haired leftist who mentioned yesterday during a meeting that she’s fully vaxxed (and quite smug about it). I heard her cough yesterday and it sounded…wet.

    A coworker just retired to care for her husband, who had both heart attack and stroke not long after the VA gave him his full dose. She is a British leftist but blames the vax, much to my surprise, and admitted that the shots kicked her ass for several days.

    My wife knows of relatively young, healthy people who have been hospitalized with blood clots after faithfully and obediently getting the shots.

    There are other reports I could relate but it would belabor the point. You all know people just like the ones I know.

    I’ve gotten no vax in decades yet I work in an environment with literally hundreds of unvaxxed people around me every day, since long before this all started. I’m 53 next month and should already be respirated or dead according to all conventional wisdom.

    I don’t have a cough.

  9. “The vaccine helps”
    Helps what, precisely?
    And vaccines don’t “help” – they immunize.
    If they don’t immunize, they’re NOT vaccines.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Whether it’s the Israel or Massachusetts news stories, you can’t just stop reading at the headline..

    As for the attention I’ve garnered here because I dare to have a different opinion on covid..

    If you want to insult me go for it.. I’m used to from debating liberals.. but understand this.. I’ve been banned from numerous liberal boards not for insults.. but for being better at them

    I just retired as a social worker.. I’ve been in some form of healthcare since 1988..And I’m a conservative..

    I’ve seen the stats on covid. Deaths statistically begin at sixty and go up from there..

  11. Whenever a client says ‘just’ I know I’m in for more unpaid work…

    “Could you just change/add _______?”

    That means they’re not buying it as proposed. But they’re belittling the revision they’re asking for so it’s not really a change order and I shouldn’t charge them.

    It’s a sneaky little word that never works to my advantage. Why can’t they JUST pay me for the extra work?

  12. It’s kind of funny but I don’t give a shit whether or not anyone gets the jab.
    I’m not going to get it.
    If you want to get it, more power to you! GET it!

    There’s something seriously wrong with people who are allegedly immunized concerning themselves with people who aren’t – if they’re immunized, they can’t get the disease – PERIOD – so why care?

    And why are the usual suspects (Hollyweird, Gov’t, Media, and Academia – who are proven liars and scam artists) pushing this sick agenda? Why the vitriol?

    Skepticism should be the order of the day – EVERY DAY!

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. Liberals and progtards need to JUST leave us alone to live our lives as we see fit and quit demanding that we give into their every demand and ungodly as well as unconstitutional edicts. There is no true justice when everything we do or say is filtered thru them constantly harassing and telling us that all of their demands are just. BULLSHIT! Take your justice (I hate so called social justice) and just leave us the hell alone and maybe we might get along but I doubt it. The only one who is truly just is God Almighty and you’re not it although you think and act like you’re a small g tyrannical god who can rule over our lives with impunity. I’m not buying your lies or bs because you are far from being just with every word or deed that you say and do.

  14. “Whether it’s the Israel or Massachusetts news stories, you can’t just stop reading at the headline..”

    For one when I see the word you being used where “I” or “people like me” would make the statement at least somewhat authoritative, I can and will stop reading irrespective of if it is in the headline or the body of the text. When I was just out of high school I explained to a college teacher that I had trained myself to substitute “may not” whenever reading a story claiming something may result from a certain act. She nearly lost her Goddamned mind with rage and it didn’t affect the bitch one iota. By definition if something may result from a certain action, it also may not result from the same action. If the author gives no valid likelihood either way then it is equally likely to go either way out in other words the story is about nothing.

    What she was so upset about is that I am not hers or her movement’s to manipulate.

  15. Hey Groucho, what makes your OPINION any more valid than anyone else’s?
    You assume knowledge about others that is really not your business.
    If I die from contracting Covid instead of from getting the jab, what’s it to you?
    This infighting is ridiculous and counterproductive – if you have FACTS that unquestioningly support your position, lets have them. Not going to win any converts by insulting them.
    Note that CDC propaganda is NOT fact, or been proven as such.

  16. Groucho, you need to step up your threats and call us all stupid white supremacist American taliban for not taking the poison shot instead of just stupid. You’re falling behind the narrative of your comrades.

  17. “I’ve seen the stats on covid.”

    The stats or the raw data?

    If you’re looking at manipulated data, it inherently carries the prejudices of the analysts – and should be taken with a grain of salt – as the professor once said: “Statistics don’t lie; but liars can do statistics.”

    If the raw data, please post where it may be found.
    I’ll do my own statistical analysis.

    Thank you very much.

    izlamo delenda est …

  18. Whenever a client says ‘just’ I know I’m in for more unpaid work…

    “Could you just change/add _______?”

    That means they’re not buying it as proposed. But they’re belittling the revision they’re asking for so it’s not really a change order and I shouldn’t charge them.

    It’s a sneaky little word that never works to my advantage. Why can’t they JUST pay me for the extra work? Little Morphin, Must be a Graphic Designer, I Feel your pain lol. Better yet, Design a 50+ link Web site for me for free, it will be awesome exposure, and I will graciously let you put a Blurb somewhere on page 50 in 3pt type…

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