Kaepernick Gets to Sit Through “Salute the Military” Extravaganza Tonight

The 49ers are playing in San Diego this evening and the Chargers have been given the honor of presenting the NFL’s “Salute the Military” event. Being a military town, they are expected to put on a very patriotic show that even a lousy quarterback sitting on his ass won’t be able to ignore.



19 Comments on Kaepernick Gets to Sit Through “Salute the Military” Extravaganza Tonight

  1. I haven’t watched pro football since Broadway Joe Namath was wearing fur.
    I may just have to watch the beginning anyway.

  2. I’d like to see a veteran soldier on all four sides of this twit standing within rifle-butt striking distance for the expressed purpose of forcing him to stay seated during the entire event; just to show him who’s really in charge of his freedom to be an disrespecting asshole when he wishes.

    Move one inch off that seat, and get pounded right in the 126 million a year teeth.

    I still think he’s a stealth jihadi.

  3. The 49ers and the NFL are serious Big Biz.

    They’re insane to allow some stupid rogue employee to tarnish their brand, or cost them business.
    Their bread and butter are white straight guys who like America and their anthem and aren’t remotely BLM fellow travelers.

    They need to Michael Vick him. Fast and clean and final. And no second chances.

    Lousy player anyway.

  4. Jihad uses all sorts of tactics to attack Western culture. Kaepernick’s antics is a way to test the strength of opposition to Islam. Well, the enemy is over playing their hand. America’s not dead yet.

  5. As a vet, Large Intestine Alphabet has my support in his right to not stand.
    Gotta hand it to him, he is getting me to watch football.
    If he doesn’t start, the coach is a sissy.
    “Put me in the game coach, I’m ready.” Colon

  6. He can do whatever he wants thanks to those who won and maintained his freedom. That doesn’t mean that he isn’t a butthole.

  7. I was a fan only because he played for my favorite University of Nevada Wolf Pack, but no more. There’s a huge uproar underway right now at the Reno Airport because of a public display case featuring his helmet and a couple other personal items from his college football days. Travelers are throwing a fit. This will be fun to watch.

  8. Wouldn’t it be great of the rest of the team stood in front of the idiot!!!! I’d turkey like to see some testes there tonight.

  9. The Niners are my Dad and I’s favorite team and my first-born is a Niner fan as well. We hope there’s a bounty on COLON.

    My second-born is an Eagles fan. Little contrarian!

  10. He should not be allowed to be “part of the team” for this event. He clearly doesn’t think of himself as a part of it. Stuff him in a dirty laundry bag in the locker room. Oh, just leave him there. He’s not doing any good for football’s image, and he can’t even play.


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