Kalashnikov Kids – IOTW Report

Kalashnikov Kids

A short video of what some Russian children do for fun. Watch

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  1. Russia should be our allie against the last of Hitler’s allies who never surrendered. And no, 14 centuries of unrelenting barbarism means it’s not a “phobia”.

  2. American Observer: “Wow, did you see how fast that Russian Soldier disassembled, fixed, cleared the weapon jam and reassembled that weapon?”

    American Drone Operator: “Quite impressive. Should I launch the FT-9/50 bombs or use the GB3 250kg laser-guided bombs?”

  3. You can really see that mother beaming with pride in her young child.

    Sorta like a parent might do here when their young children come out as gay or tranny, isn’t it?

  4. They always said an AK was so idiot proof and easy to field strip that even a 30 year old Arab NCO could do it

    I guess they weren’t kidding

  5. I actually learned to field strip and reassemble an AK 47. Much simpler than an M-16. Basically breaks down into 4 parts

    And when you shoot, it has twice the recoil of an M-16

  6. They will be prepared in the situation of a total tech meltdown like an electromagnetic nuke

  7. A much better skillset then being a do-nothing, know-nothing snowflake SJW.

  8. AOC still trying to figure out her trash compacter.

  9. When Armageddon comes, the Russians will survive while Westerners run around awaiting for their governments to save them after their leaders long retreated to the secret bunkers with 20 years of supplies.

  10. And our teachers are still trying to teach kids which bathroom to use.

    My son’s teacher had a fit when she found out he can use a rifle & pump 12ga.

    I told her Compound Bow was next year!

  11. AK 47’d were built simply and to loose tolerances for a reason. Open the bolt, bury it in a sandbox for a week. Pull it out of the sandbox, shake the sand out out of it, insert mag and fire away. Now try to do that with a precision machined firearm.

  12. @Toxic Deplorable ~ oh, you’re just jealous because you can’t reach the 47th level of ‘Bioshock Toxic Hazard 17, The Re-Reckoning: Throne Empire Rising (Now with more Superhero Quests!) & possess the Golden Diamond Tiara with Super-up Powers & Instant Healing Crystals with the 3-bladed Sword of the Elvish Linkoalimus’ & the magic Helmet of Gwendolin, like all the hip Millennials down in Mom’s basement showing off their much more important ‘skill-sets’

    “…. Maaaaa …. more tendies!”

  13. Those Russians will never forget Stalingrad.

    The Russian people did heroic things in WWII, at least up to May 1945, and I admire them for it. Their legacy is little kids that use Kalashnikov’s as toys.

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