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Kamala Gives the WH the “Queer Eye” Treatment


Vice President Kamala Harris received critical backlash after she welcomed founders and cast members of the show ‘Queer Eye’ to the White House.

A video of TV star Jonathan Van Ness went viral on Tuesday as he stepped up to the White House podium during the visit and hosted a mock press briefing. More

10 Comments on Kamala Gives the WH the “Queer Eye” Treatment

  1. Anyone who likes Queer Eye and transvestite drag shows is a sick bastard in my book. It has no place in decent society and especially when promoted like it’s no big deal at the White House. If that’s not a flat-out endorsement of sick, perverted behavior I don’t know what is.

  2. What in the F is the lefts infatuation with the perverse? It’s getting really boring. Why not bring some farmers in. Maybe some straight white machinists. Yea that’s the ticket. This crap just pushes religious Hispanics and normie blacks towards Trump. SO I guess keep it up. We’re officially a clown show.

  3. The left is against all things that promote American values.
    Life, Liberty, Happiness. All organizations that teach these values.
    Boy Scouts, Christianity, Catholicism, and now the Jews.
    They have done everything they can to promote racism among all people.
    They have justified burning down cities, promoted crime and drugs.
    All of which is just the distraction while they loot the coffers of the American people and sell our resources to the highest bidder.
    Who ever says crime doesn’t pay, hasn’t paid attention to Congress.
    And it’s gonna get worse.


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