Kamala Harris’ Children’s Book In Welcome Kit For Unaccompanied Illegals

Conservative Brief:

It appears that Kamala Harris is cashing in on her new position in a big way and she is using illegal immigrants to do it.

Harris has yet to go to the border to address the crisis that Joe Biden put her in charge of, but she has made, kind of, an appearance to the migrant children by giving them a copy of her children’s book in a welcome kit they get at the border, The New York Post reported.

Well, give is a strong word. Actually, allegedly the American taxpayer is giving these books to the children, according to one source. MORE

26 Comments on Kamala Harris’ Children’s Book In Welcome Kit For Unaccompanied Illegals

  1. …meh. corrupt Democrat expected behavior, create a problem and then cash in on the mess you made.

    …it’s better than what Pedo Joe wants to give the illegal migrant girls, anyway, although they have likely been raped a few times by now and are used to it, thanks, Democrats, hope you’ve got penicillin in there too…

  2. The toothless VP has to get pocket change from somewhere, only the gummint is dumb enough to buy toilet paper by the book.

  3. Also available “Dreams of My Father’ and ‘It Takes a Village’. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for publishers to clear out a backlog of former bestsellers.

    The best way to deter illegals may be by boring them to death.

  4. I’ll bet children’s Bibles/Bible story books are verboten. But Harris’ drivel is just fine.

    Speaks volumes.

  5. Does the book come with knee pads because the cartels will force many into prostitution unfortunately.

    Yang and the Demos all believe that technology will replace many basic jobs. Thus their argument for Universal Basic Income from taxes on tech companies.

    If that is the case, what jobs will be waiting for these people or for that matter the people who were born in the USA but are lazy assed and not even willing to do the jobs that immigrants will?

  6. What good are they since they are not in Spanish. I guess they can be used for toilet paper…
    This is what she has been doing the last few weeks since being anointed as the border czar – printing books…

  7. She fucked her way to the top, and she KNOWS she’s a in way over her head. But you’d think that she would appreciate the gravitas of her position and her place in American history.

    But, she’s just a whore, and she’ll rue the day she allowed herself to be put into the position of the presidency. Obama was an incompetent maggot, but he was a HUNDRED times more polished than this clown.

  8. Had Pence done this the US Attorney’s Office would be launching a corruption investigation.

    The double standards are sickening.

  9. Does heels up Harris’s book advise the illegal alien girls how to use their WAP to it best advantage on getting ahead in America like she did with hers?

  10. Seriously, Judicial watch should look into who paid for those books.

    There are 1000 other books that could have been used.

  11. What a sleazy, corrupt POS. If she had an ounce of class – if -she’d never allow herself to be so publicly bribed. Which is what it is.

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