Kamala Harris faces uphill climb to the presidency based on current poll numbers

WaEx:Vice President Kamala Harris has her work cut out for her if she wants to succeed President Joe Biden at the White House in four or eight years.

Harris may be Biden’s heir apparent, but her unfavorable ratings, even among Biden supporters, are high for a politician hoping to move from Number One Observatory Circle to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

And she has not been helped by her own penchant for public missteps. MORE

18 Comments on Kamala Harris faces uphill climb to the presidency based on current poll numbers

  1. When Biden gets his straight jacket while in office Harris will waltz right into office and resume the destruction of America. It should not take her long thanks to Bidens non-stop missions successful results. Dominion machines will keep her in for the second 4 with no issues thanks to our not just bent anymore but now fully crooked DOJ. /s

  2. ^^^^^^^^
    The DOJ is completely corrupt.
    The newest from them? They’re not going to investigate or prosecute any of the governors (Cuomo) who are responsible for nursing home deaths because of sending covid positive patients there.

    I wouldn’t put it past the DOJ to prevent an actual election.

  3. So did Joe, if I recall correctly. Remember: it’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes. And right now, that would be Dominion.

  4. She doesn’t need to be popular. She will take over for Biden in less than a year without an election.

  5. He current poll numbers are down? Not to worry. If those pulling the strings want Kamelface as president, her poll numbers will miraculously jump over the 50% mark. Remember, these are the same people who rigged an election; opinion polls are child’s play.

  6. Anyone seen @Aaron Burr? He’s a good guy and a smart commenter, I pray nothing bad is keeping him away…

  7. “…but her unfavorable ratings, even among Biden supporters,”


    Should be “especially”.

    I know Dr. Ronny Jackson says Article 25 is imminent, but Biden will be there until the end of his term, unless he dies or drops into a coma. The cabal has too much invested in him to get involved in a messy power struggle/transfer.

  8. She might be unpopular, but if Jackass deteriorates much further or trips down the stairs on his own she gets the football.

    The least Qualified & least cognitive President gets replaced by an incompetent diversity hire.

    Watch the Jericho Green, Y-tube video titled:

    Kamala “the Ugandan Nightmare” is the downside to affirmative action. HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT AmeriCANS

  9. I was wrong!

    Said he’ll never make it to July 4th and then updated it to not make it past May. Pedo Joe / President * is still with us and I really now have no guess how long they’ll keep him in place for the deniability of it.

    Way back during the primaries I also said Chlamydia Harris would be the candidate so I was half right. Difficult functioning with half a brain. Me not her…

  10. We’re in the middle of a fucking that is going to leave us bleeding out the ass.

    The way the worm is turning now in regards to the vaccine mandates, renewed indoor masking, inflation, literally millions of illegals allowed to freely enter & than being disbursed to red states/cities, the 1/6 commission and the all out push to criminalize whiteness…you just gotta know there’s a false flag a brewing that’s going to make the case for that pesky 2A.

    It’s going to be a river of blood or submission.

  11. Burr’s a force of nature.
    Can’t imagine anything bad happening to him.
    The way he used to get at James Hines was awesome.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. They don’t want Kamal before 2022 elections for two reasons.

    1. It will make it harder for Dems. to win.
    2. If she takes over with less than two years left in the term, it doesn’t count against her and she can then run twice more. Contemplate, that. president Harris for 10 years.


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