Federal court unanimously rules the CDC’s eviction moratorium is unlawful

The U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled Friday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention overstepped its authority and engaged in federal overreach by issuing an eviction moratorium during the pandemic. MORE

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  1. So, can all those landlords collect back rent now or are they shit out of luck? Look for sleepy Joe to step in and throw more taxpayer money at it to prevent mass evictions. INFRASTRUCTURE!!!

  2. And in related court news, another win for Gov. DeSantis:

    A federal appeals court late on Friday reversed course and let stand a lower court order prohibiting the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from enforcing coronavirus-related cruise ship restrictions in Florida.


  3. I got my start in real estate with residential rentals. If you can put up with the occasional shithead tenet that connived their way in, it’s work and you have to stay on top of a lot of moving parts, especially when you get into commercial, but I’ve made millions.

    Now? Wouldn’t go near it. Why in the fuck incentivize someone to with hold rent by forbidding the owner from evicting you? Are owners given a holiday on property taxes or utilities? That answer goes to the heart of what TPTB are trying(and succeeding) to do to our culture & traditions.

  4. It was obvious on its face that in any society that this was unjust. No government has a legitimate claim to usurp such authority. It violates any reasonable sense of right vs wrong.

  5. Look for absolutely nothing to happen to the cocksucker who actually issued that moritorium, tho’.

  6. Until such a ruling comes from the SCOTUS those in power WILL continue to enforce this edict. This WILL be appealed. And until then property owners WILL be suffering massive financial harm by this insanity.

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