San Francisco buys secure garbage cans so its citizens can’t eat from them

San Francisco has a problem with poor, starving homeless people rooting around in the city’s garbage cans looking for another meal and salvation for another day.

But the homeless need to be taught that only the city government in its infinite goodness should be relied upon for salvation. So the city is looking to swap out the garbage cans to make them more secure so the homeless won’t disturb or purloin the valuable contents.

If the city were as concerned about people breaking into residences as they are about the homeless breaking into garbage cans, San Francisco might be an almost livable city.

The city is dead serious about this secure garbage can idea. The public works department has developed a pilot program to determine which sort of garbage can will work best. They estimate that the program will cost between $12,000 and $20,000 per trash receptacle — about $537,000 for 15 trash cans. more

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  1. Why bother when any “homeless” person can walk out of any store, including grocery stores, with up to $950 worth of Doritos and cheese dips(or whatever) and not suffer any consequences.

    Seriously, how long will it be until there just isn’t any retail at all there? Then what?

  2. Murders, rapes, property, Theft, violent crime, assault against 1 of 145 residences.

    San Francisco — CRIME INDEX “2”
    (100 is safest)
    Safer than 2% of U.S. Cities

    Protecting garbage before its citizens, typical Socialist decision making. California, I’m surprised.

  3. Electrify the trashcans – oh – forgot – CA’s out of electricity.

    Why not just make it illegal to eat out of trash cans?
    Simple and cheap.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. This is from the same people who provide grocery shopping carts to homeless people so they can use them as means to move their goods around. They’re treating them the same way that they do to bears and other wildlife out in the woods to keep them from getting into the garbage. IDIOTS, THY NAME IS LIBERAL AND COMPASSIONATE, NOT!

  5. “Scoop up the shit and used needles from the sidewalks and dump it all in the trash cans.”

    That requires that a city employee would actually have to DO something!
    Against the Union rules!

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Tim
    JULY 24, 2021 AT 11:31 AM

    “Why not just make it illegal to eat out of trash cans?
    Simple and cheap.”

    …why not just put up “THIS IS A TRASH-EATING FREE ZONE” signs? Those work with guns, right?

  7. Liberal city council will put a stop to this. A true leftist will insist that trash cans be readily accessible to the homeless to feed from.

  8. Put a raccoon or bear or hog in every can. Eats the garbage, and will tear the face off of anyone poking around in the can…

  9. How do we know that this was not the result of lobbying from Subway & McDonald’s to shut down the competition?

  10. I would like to bid on those trash cans. Betting I could produce them for only $11,000 a copy.

  11. “…$12,000 and $20,000 per trash receptacle — about $537,000 for 15 trash cans.”

    Check yo maths.


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