Kamala Harris Taking 34 Seconds To Say Absolutely Nothing – IOTW Report

Kamala Harris Taking 34 Seconds To Say Absolutely Nothing

When she speaks it’s a lot like a high schooler bullshitting their way through a book report when they didn’t read the book.

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  1. Hasn’t it been “urgent” for decades and billions of taxpayer dollars now? 🥱

  2. That 34 seconds was a lot of work for her – and an important passage of time – not to mention an urgent priority to galvanize. I think we can all nod our heads in agreement that her important work will continue over time and that its passage represents an important commitment to work together.

  3. Kamala Harris is, and always has been a stupid fuck. Talk to any District Attorney in the Bay Area that’s had to work with her.

  4. She obviously wasn’t successful using her mouth to form words. She used her mouth another way to become suck-sessful.

    Or, at least, pretended to look at notes.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. …so, ladies, are you proud of the first (maybe) woman VP? Quite the standard bearer for your (suddenly undefined) sex? Good role model for (what we used to call) girls?

    …SO glad we pick our officials on race, gender, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE…/s

  7. That stupid woman had to have used her ‘oral skills’ to obtain her college and law school degrees.

  8. Awesome, Biden is the Smart One of the two.

    … and that’s why they have not invoked the 25th.

  9. From Bubba to oBozo to Shrillary to Shitpants and his crackhead son .... they own their depravity, I choose Pb

    The first time she spoke stupidly in public, you figured she got around them. The second time, maybe they thought it was hilarious for her to make obvious to the public how stupid she is. But now after so many embarrassing demonstrations of ridiculous incompetence, they’ve left it to us to infer what it all means.

    May the American public become SO FURIOUS that no one and nothing can stop them when the SHTF. DOCTOR Jill can decide to swallow that at that point.

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