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Kamala Harris’s Stepdaughter is a Model

I have to say this might be the ugliest model I have ever seen.

I’m sure her stepmom has nothing at all to do with the deluded people who hire this homely girl.

Her name is Ella Emhoff. Not to be confused with her brother, Jack N. Emhoff.

And then there’s this fashion choice to show that she as ugly on the inside as the outside-

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  1. The woke clothes designers who hire her a trying to sell more crap to their fellow wokesters, because the normal people who used to be their customers are now buying from non-woke, i.e. normal, companies.

  2. Have you seen the most recent fashion shows?
    It’s the thing now.
    They have homely girls, handicapped girls and fat chicks on the runway.
    They call it “redefining beauty”.
    Just like they’re trying to redefine what it is to be fit.
    It’s all meant to destroy the culture.
    Kommiela Harris’ stepdaughter is a good example of it.

  3. Someone isn’t happy with your site today. Criticizing the Skittles Mafia killer and Kommiela Harris’ step daughter?
    Takes me 3 or 4 tries to connect.
    Keep getting this mesage: Error establishing a database connection

  4. As it gets harder and harder to hide the graft, corruption, and payoffs, democrats like Joey and now his protege Kameltoe, are using their offspring to launder their money. So Hunter has his “art”, and Ema is a “model”. I guess nobody would believe that Kamala could write a best selling book.

  5. Oh you guys are just jealous & wished your wife looked as good!
    It’s just a version of the gender neutral look. All though could use a weed wacker to those eyebrows, reminds me of Brooke Shield’s hairy eyebrows in her younger days.

  6. I remember a video recently showing a not very svelte, peg legged woman of color waddling the runway.
    Modeling doesn’t mean much anymore. Gone from Twiggy to Stumpy.

  7. Yeah, but those clothes look good on her. If you’re going to try selling ill-fitting ugly clothing to the elites get somebody who’s going to distract from just how awful the wardrobe actually is.

  8. Ella Emhoff Really, Really Likes to Knit

    ht tps://www.vogue.com › article › ella-emhoff-loves-t…
    ella emhoff knits from ww w. vogue.com
    Feb 12, 2023 — Despite the name of her line—Ella Emhoff Likes to Knit—it took her a while to figure out that she wanted to seriously pursue it.

    Pro tip: There are patterns for knitted bags all over the internet. Go knit one and wear it over your head.

  9. She could be a neck model. Nothing else. Obviously, it’s her family connections that got her gigs. She’s never going to sell anything she’s modeling, though.

  10. There’s no reason for beauty in a socialist world – it gets in the way. Destruction, chaos, misery and death motivate and define socialism – gateway to communism.
    KamalMao’s unibrowed, mustached stepdaughter is the poster child of unattractive hot messes. A perfect fit for leftist activism.

  11. Sorry but the (homely) gal whose dad is connected to ChiCom is no beauty. The Harris woman and the ChiCom father had pimps waiting on the sidelines during the comically ugly girl’s catwalk.

  12. Not qualified even to be a maid.
    Way too ugly.
    If she was not somehow related to a far-left hack like Kamala, she would have been finding difficulty working at Taco Bell.


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