Kamala has egg on her face …. again

Patriot Retort:

Just a helpful tip for morons like Kamala Harris. Instead of uncritically believing an opinion piece in the New York Times the moment it drops, wait 24 hours for all the corrections to be issued.  Then weigh in.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with egg on your face.

Then again, I’m beginning to think Kamala likes getting egg on her face.

[This is where the twelve-year-old boys in adult male bodies insert a joke about goo on her face.  I, however, will not do that.]

Egg on Her Face Harris made the same inept blunder over Jussie Smollett’s phony hate crime.  Remember? She bought the story hook, line and sinker. And it made her look all kinds of dumb when it was revealed to be a hoax.

Now she’s at it again.

20 Comments on Kamala has egg on her face …. again

  1. …she likes getting SOMETHING on her face according to Willie Brown, not so much “egg”, but containing something that works WITH egg, human ones, anyway…

  2. Maybe someone should make a serious and in depth investigation of Harris’s history and see just how pure she is and how many would be willing to tell stories of their interactions with her in her early life.

    Glass houses and all that sort of stuff could well come into play here.

  3. The people she prosecuted and sent to jail might not be laughing at how dumb Kamala is. Getting your life turned upside down by authority that is corrupt, or just plain dumb, looks the same. That ANY citizen looks at Kamala as POTUS material ought to scare the living bejeezus out of a sane person.

  4. …I note that the egg in the image is fried. That’s appropriate, since Kamila has ALSO admitted to being fried on the exact same stuff that she sent OTHERS to JAIL for…

  5. She and all dems as expected and directed went to impeachment or called for another investigation. You can’t investigate an event the people involved don’t remember and say never happened from 35 years ago. At the end of the day she is actually doing what she thinks needs to be done to get back in this, promise the dem insane prog twitter base she is down with impeachment should she win.

  6. Critical thinking skills, what’s that? A talking contest is all the commies need. Just wait until they take everyone’s guns for your own safety, except the govs, then you’ll be able to see it their way, even if they have to kill you.
    Thank the Lord for Trump, standing with all Americans.

  7. I would assume a prosecutor should have a smidge of discernment, skepticism, and a bit of hesitation before pronouncing guilt.

    She is unfit to have been a lawyer, much kess a DA, and forget about POTUS!

  8. Hopefully, Kalamity Harris is going to be one of those presidential candidates who never recovers from all the embarrassing skeletons that fell out of her closet. She’s a walking, talking Catastrophe. After all, Trump was destined to be a one term President. Of course, she will get re-elected in California for another dozen years, but she’s always going to have to live down her miserable run to be the first female to become the leader of the country her parents couldn’t bother becoming citizens of during their time living here. She’s such a gift. Such a treat. I hope she holds on till the last primary. The damned termagant.


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